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Build Your Own 3" Carli Suspension Kit 2003-2013 Dodge Ram 2500/3500
Build Your Own 3" Carli Dodge Ram 2500/3500 Suspension System


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Looking to install a 3" Carli Suspension system on your truck but have a very specific list of components in mind? Here is your chance to build a Carli Suspension system to your specs! Mix and match the coils, arms, shocks, springs, and other components to your liking.

Here is a rundown of each of the options available when piecing together your Carli Suspension system:

Front Springs - Front springs are generally application specific. Carli Multi Rate Diesel Springs are recommended for 2003-2009 Ram 2500/3500 diesel 4x4 trucks. Carli Linear Rate Diesel Springs are recommended for 2010-2013 Ram 2500 diesel 4x4 trucks and 2010-2012 Ram 3500 diesel 4x4 trucks, but will work with 2003-2009 to provide approximately 3.5" of front lift. Carli Multi Rate Hemi Springs are recommended for 2003-2013 Ram 2500 Hemi 4x4 trucks and 2003-2012 Ram 3500 Hemi 4x4 trucks.

Rear Springs - Adding rear springs helps to tame the stiff factory rear suspension. Carli's add-a-packs provide about 1" of lift, and help reduce rear end bounce and harshness over bumps and dips. The Add-a-Packs retain factory towing capacity. Carli's full progressive leaf springs offer a more significant ride quality improvement, resulting in much improved ride quality both on and off road. Full progressive leaf springs offer a far more significant improvement in ride quality than the add-a-packs. Towing capacity is slightly reduced with the full progressive leaf springs, although the reduction is minimal.

Shocks - Shocks are sold in sets of 4 as complete shock packages. The shocks break down as follows:

Bilstein 5100 Shocks - These shocks come tuned by Bilstein rather than by Carli, but are tuned for the weight of a 2500 or 3500 truck. These shocks offer a slight improvement over the factory shocks.

Commuter 2.0 Shocks - These Fox 2.0 IFP shocks are custom tuned by Carli to offer the best street ride quality possible. These shocks are recommended for trucks that are primarily street driven.

Back Country 2.0 Shocks - These Fox 2.0 remote reservoir shocks are intended for trucks that are primarily street driven while being used occasionally for off road. The included remote reservoirs help to keep internal temperatures under control, helping to preserve the shocks from overheating when off roading for long periods of time. These include limit straps and reservoir mounts.

Performance 2.0 Shocks - These Bilstein 7100 remote reservoir shocks offer the same benefits as the Back Country 2.0 shocks, but with the durability and rebuildability that a Bilstein 7100 shock offers. These include limit straps and reservoir mounts.

Pintop 2.5 Shocks - These King 2.5 remote reservoir front/piggyback rear shocks offer a great balance between on road ride quality and off road performance, while improving handling all around with the additional dampening they offer over a 2.0 shock. These King 2.5's utilize the truck's factory front shock towers, while offering the versatility and rebuildability that King shocks are known for in the off road world. Any individual component of these shocks can be replaced, making them future proof. These shocks also utilize stainless shafts, reducing the likelihood of shaft pitting and corrosion, in turn making these shocks far less likely to require a future rebuild in comparison to shocks that feature non-stainless shafts.

Performance 2.5 Shocks - These King 2.5 remote reservoir front/piggyback rear shocks are designed/tuned for Carli's Long Arm system. These shocks offer a great balance between durability and on/off road ride quality for the customer that plans to run the truck off road. **Carli's Long Arms and Fabricated Shock Towers are required to install these shocks.

Dominator 3.0 Shocks - Carli's Dominator King 3.0 front remote reservoir/rear piggyback shocks offer the best compromise between both street ride quality and off road performance of all the shocks available for these trucks. These shocks ride great both on and off road, while keeping the truck composed off road thanks to the immense amount of dampening these King 3.0 shocks offer. **Carli's Fabricated Shock Towers are required to install these shocks.

Unchained 3.5 Shocks - Carli's Unchained 3.5 shock package (front 3.5" remote reservoir shocks/rear 3.0" 4-tube bypass shocks) are the ultimate in off road performance for your Ram 2500/3500 4x4 truck. The front 3.5" shocks offer the ultimate in bottom out resistance, allowing the truck to remain composed even at high speeds over rough roads. The rear 3.0 4-tube bypass shocks are tuned to control the rear of the truck under just about any terrain, utilizing shock technology typically found in off road race vehicles. **Carli's Long Arms and Fabricated Shock Towers are required to install these shocks.

Shock Towers - Carli's Fabricated Shock Towers are required for Performance 2.5, Bilstein 2.65 ACV, Dominator 3.0, and Unchained 3.5 shocks. We will ensure that the correct set of shock towers are shipped in conjunction with shock package they are purchased with.

Reservoir Mounts - Reservoir Mounts are required for Carli's Performance 2.5, 2.65 ACV, Dominator 3.0, and Unchained 3.5 shock packages. Back Country 2.0 and Performance 2.0 shock packages already include reservoir mounts, so there is no need to add them.

Sway Bar - With the approximately 3 inches of lift that Carli's coils provide, the factory end links are not long enough. Carli offers two solutions for this - the first of which are replacement, heavier duty sway bar end links that replace the stock end links and utilize the factory sway bar. Carli's Torsion Sway Bar is a complete sway bar replacement, designed at a lighter rate than the factory bar and resulting in a smoother all around ride and less "rocking back and forth" when driving over an uneven surface such as when puling into a driveway at an angle.

Track Bar - Carli's all new Adjustable Track Bar replaces the factory unit with a beefy chromoly unit that utilizes a heavy-duty F.K. uniball on the frame side and an industry first custom pre-loaded rod end on the axle side. While it is possible to run 3" coils on the front of your truck with the factory track bar, we recommend replacing it with Carli's adjustable unit when going any taller than stock. Carli's track bar allows the front end to be adjusted into the optimal position (with 3" coils and the stock track bar, the front axle is shifted outward toward the driver side).

Control Arms - While Carli's 3" springs work with stock control arms, Carli's replacement control arms are a recommended upgrade over the factory units. Carli's Mild Steel Control Arms push the front axle 1/2" forward, recentering it when used in conjunction with Carli's 3" coil springs. This not only improves tire clearance near the back of the front wheel wells, it replaces the weak factory bushings with heavy duty Johnny joints, providing a heavy duty upgrade that will remain tight far longer than the stock bushings. We have abused these same control arms on some of our shop trucks for years with no damage or wear and tear to the joints. For those looking to run bigger (35" and 37") tires in conjunction with stock wheels, Carli's High Clearance Control Arms feature an indentation on both the upper and lower arms to provide optimal tire clearance.

Limit Straps - Carli's limit straps are a great way to preserve the life of the bearings/bushings found in many of Carli's shocks. Limit straps are recommended in conjunction with Back Country 2.0, Performance 2.0, Pintop 2.5, Performance 2.5, Bilstein 2.65 ACV, Dominator 3.0, and Unchained 3.5 shock packages to prevent damage to the shock bearings when the suspension is cycling. These shocks require a tab to be welded to the front of the front axle, although the amount of welding required is minimal.

Ball Joints - Carli's Extreme Duty Ball Joints are the nicest, most heavy duty set of ball joints available for your truck. Whether your truck is still running stock ball joints or if your ball joints have been replaced multiple times, these units offer durability and quality not found in other ball joints. Carli's ball joints include a limited lifetime warranty as well, making them the best value in ball joints available, in our opinion.

Diff Guards - The factory front differential cover is constructed of thin metal and is prone to bending if it hits an object during off road use. Carli's differential guard offers protection for the factory cover, which, if bent, could result in damage to the front axle gears.

Low Mount Steering Stabilizer - Carli's Low Mount Steering Stabilizer is recommended with and tire sized 35" or larger. This stabilizer is nitrogen-charged and pushes toward the driver side, which works great for most tires, including Toyos. If running Nitto Trail Grappler MT's, it it recommended to use this stabilizer with Carli's Digg Guard/Opposing Bracket, which flip the stabilizer and cause the stabilizer to push toward the passenger side of the vehicle.

High Mount Steering Stabilizer - Carli's high mount steering stabilizer allows you to mount a stabilizer up and out of harm's way. It also serves the added benefit of acting as a secondary stabilizer if used in conjunction with Carli's Low Mount Steering Stabilizer.

Long Travel Air Bags - Carli's Long Travel Air Bags are the perfect complement to your Carli Suspension system. Offering increased load capacity while allowing full axle articulation, Carli's Long Travel air bags are perfect for the truck that gets used off road but also tows.

Front Axle Truss - Looking to push your truck to the limit off road? While many of the factory components found on 2003+ Ram 2500/3500 4x4 trucks hold up to abuse, the forces applied to the front axle due to the weight of a heavy duty truck can bend the front axle with ease. Typically, a stock front axle housing will bend when bottomed out. With Carli's Fabricated AAM Axle Truss, front axle durability is increased substantially, helping to prevent damage to your front axle when using your truck off road.

Rear Shock Mounts - Like the factory front axle housing, the rear upper shock mounts on these trucks can fail under hard use. To eliminate this weak point, Carli has created these heavy duty fabricated rear upper shock mounts. Grinding and welding are required for installation.

Front Bump Stops - 2.5" custom King 2.0 hydro pneumatic bump stops with easy to install mounts and custom internals. These will give your truck protection from those big, unexpected impacts that can break parts and knock out teeth!

Rear Bump Stops - 2.5" King 2.0 hydro pneumatic bump stops with custom mounts and crossmember to protect you and your truck from those high speed, spine shattering hits!

Chromoly Motor Mounts (5.9 only) - Whether you're pounding whoops flat or laying down serious numbers at the track, Carli's Chromoly 5.9 motor mounts will lock that torque monster down. We recommend these for trucks that are used primarily off road or on the track, as you may experience a little more engine vibration being transmitted to the frame.

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