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EMF 2003-2012 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 Heavy Duty Ball Joints
EMF 2003-2012 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 Heavy Duty Ball Joints

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EMF Ball Joint Application:




** SET OF 4** EMF Dodge Ram 03-13 Upper and Lower Ball Joint Kit

Includes all 4 ball joints, Spanner Wrench and Allen Key and Upper and Lower Install Tools.

Upper Ball Joints Fit:

2006-2008 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD

2003-2015 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 4WD

2007-2015 Dodge Ram 2500 4WD

2011-2018 Dodge Ram 2500HD / 3500HD 4WD

Lower Ball Joints Fit:

2006-2008 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD

2003-2012 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 4WD

2007-2012 Dodge Ram 2500 4WD

2013 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 4WD (NON-RADIUS ARM SETUP)

If you are unsure which Ball Joints your vehicle may need (Standard or Oversized), measure the ID of the hole in the knuckle or axle. The OD of the joint should be 0.002 or greater than the hole. See below for OD measurements of our products.

Facts about the EMF Ball Joint:

  • 2 Canadian and US Patents covering the design
  • Rebuildable so you will never have to purchase an entire unit again, you simply replace the inner race and pin and off you go. You can do this right on the truck without removing the housing from the knuckle
  • Serviceable so if you ever start to feel movement in the joint, you simply back out the set screw on the side of the cap and tighten the cap then replace the set screw. This can be done right on the truck without having to remove anything from the knuckle.
  • Greaseable so you can just pump a couple squirts of grease into it around every oil change and go
  • The entire unit is 100% Canadian Made by an Alberta Small Business. We have a strict Quality Assurance policy and each piece we make is numbered and logged with tolerances and measurements documented so if there is ever a problem we can look back on when it was manufactured and what the material specs were.
  • EMF is the only Ball Joint with the removable race and pin (part of our patents). Competitor products have a removable pin that can be rebuilt, however the inside of the housing will wear as the pin wears resulting in the inevitable replacement of the entire unit in the future, as the pin will no longer possess a tight fit. By having the internal race and pin set on the EMF ball joint, the race will act as the wear point instead of the housing body creating a long lasting unit.
  • EMF’s price point is set below the competitor pricing which is very enticing to the customer. We are not only a manufacturer and business, we are also the consumer so we wanted to have something affordable and high quality available.
  • Each EMF Ball Joint unit is made from 4140 HTSR material and then sent to a metal treating facility to be Nitride Coated. Liquid Salt Bath Nitriding is a second heat treating process on the material resulting in up to a 30% strength increase as well as a beautiful black oxide corrosion resistant coating that also resists galling and does not reduce the tolerances of the pieces.

EMF Ball Joint Warranty

  • Life-Time Warranty against Material and Manufacturers Defects. EMF will replace part of or the entire unit if it is determined to be an issue that falls under this category. The customer is encouraged to contact EMF directly to determine cause of fault and to receive warrantied products.
  • Warranty does not cover breakage due to misuse of the product, improper installation or as a result of another component failure on the vehicle.
  • EMF Ball Joints are meant to be rebuilt, which means the internal races and pin will wear over time under normal circumstances. The internal race and pin components are not covered by replacement Warranty, unless it is determined there is a manufacturer defect that caused premature wear. In order to maximize your product life, regular maintenance which includes tightening of the cap and greasing are required.

Download EMF Upper & Lower Ball Joint Instructions

Patent Document - Serviceable Ball Joint with Removable Race 15/057,2549

Video Comparison of Our Favorite Ball Joints!

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