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Mob Armor came to be after first hand experience of how people use smart phones in action environments. In the heat of spirited driving or “mobbing” a phone may bounce, slide, hop, and tumble all over the cab of your vehicle often ending up on the floor only to be stepped on or lost. A smart phone may cost hundreds of dollars for the device alone and users often put their phones in harms way by carrying it in their pocket day in and day out. A smart phone owner could spend upwards of fifty dollars or more on a case to protect their device and this is a great first line of defense. The next problem is the lack of a safe place to keep the phone during certain activities smart phone owners are known to partake in such as cycling, spirited driving, boating, flying, and much more. Many phone mounts require you to use proprietary cases or no case rather than the one you trust daily. Changing phone cases over and over again is bothersome which leads to the disapproval of many phone mounts. Here is where Mob Armor comes into the picture. We have designed and developed a nearly universal smart phone mount for individuals who take risks simply for the thrill of it and choose to have their device by their side. Smart phone mounts for bikes and cars are not a new ideas by any means, it has just not been done the right way thus far. Mob Armor is here to change that by introducing on-road and off-road products designed for style blended with functionality to help you move the way you do and stay connected.