2007 - 2018 Jeep JK - 3" Suspension Lift System Stage 3


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The ICON Vehicle Dynamics 3" Lift Suspension System is designed for Jeep JK owner's demanding the ultimate in performance and ride quality, without the larger stance you find in bigger lift systems on today's market. Our ICON Jeep Wrangler Jk 3" lift system is engineered with front and rear dual rate progressive wound springs which is the foundation for on and off road performance and suspension articulation. The dual rate design gives you a softer initial rate for superb on road comfort and a firmer than stock secondary rate that increases during compression for excellent bottom out control. ICON V.S. 2.0 Aluminum Series Remote Reservoir shocks add the finishing touch with vehicle specific valving, OE mounting, and aircraft grade components. Remote Reservoir shocks is the difference from stage 1 to stage 2 and these are great for additional heat disipation to prevent shock fade during extended off road sessions. In this stage 3 kit we add the front and rear adjustable pan rod bars for optimized axle positioning to ensure your axles are perfectly centered under the vehicle. Together this combination of our ICON dual rate coils and V.S. Series shocks add 30% more wheel travel over stock, helping you rock crawl safer or soak up larger terrain at higher speeds keeping those wheels on the ground. This ICON 3" JK lift system is designed from the ground up to give the 07+ Jeep Wrangler JK's the best performance, suspension handling / ride quality, and clearance for 33" tall tires (35" tall with installation of aftermarket fenders).

Key Features:

• Dual Rate Coil Springs Front and Rear

• Adds 30% More Wheel Travel over Stock

• Level Stance Front to Rear

• Vehicle can be Returned Back to Stock

• No Welding or Cutting

• Includes High Performance Re-buildable / Re-valvable Remote Reservoir 2.0 Aluminum Series Shocks

• Out Articulates Most Long Arm Kits of Comparable Height

• Includes Adjustable Pan rod Bars for Optimized Axle Positioning

• Pan Rod Bars include Dual Stage Bushing System and JM12T Rod End to minimize deflection while maximizing responsiveness

• 100% Made in the USA

• Lifetime Guarantee that Coil Springs Won’t Sag

Tech Info:

• Fits 2007 - Current Jeep Wrangler JK Models 2wd / 4wd applications

• 2 Door Models sit 1/2" - 3/4" taller than 4 door models but still level

• 2012 models require exhaust extension kit (Part # 22011) for Proper Front Driveline Clearance

• No driveline modifications necessary if kit is installed as intended (with or without pan rod bars)

• For optimized axle centering add the ICON front and rear Jeep JK adjustable pan rod bars

• Front End Alignment Required

Wheel & Tire Fitment Info:

OEM Wheels & Tires: Yes

AfterMarket Wheels: 4.5" Backspace

(wheel spacers required to run factory wheels with an over sized tire)

Aftermarket Tires: 33" tall x 12.50"

(Larger 35" tire packages will fit with minor modifications or aftermarket high clearance fenders, test fitment recommended)

System Components Included:

2007 - Current Jeep JK 4 Door- 3" Suspension Lift System Stage 3

22010 (QTY - 1) Jeep JK 3" Front Dual Rate Spring Kit (Pair)

22015 (QTY - 1) Jeep JK 2" Rear Dual Rate Spring Kit (Pair)

22040 (QTY - 1) Jeep JK 3" Lift Box Kit (front and rear billet bump stops / front sway bar links / hardware)

21020 (QTY - 1) Jeep JK Front Adjustable Pan Rod Bar Kit

21025 (QTY - 1) Jeep JK Rear Adjustable Pan Rod Bar Kit

26519R (QTY - 2) JK 2WD & 4WD 2”-3" Lift Remote Reservoir Front Shock - 2.0 Aluminum Series

26520R (QTY - 2) JK 2WD & 4WD 2”-3" Lift Remote Reservoir Rear Shock - 2.0 Aluminum Series


22011 Jeep JK Exhaust Extension Kit

22012 Jeep JK Alignment Cam and Knock out Tool Kit

22013 Jeep JK Alignment Cam Kit (Fits in Front Lower or Rear Upper Link position)

22014 Jeep JK Replacement Front Drive Shaft

191005 Jeep JK Alignment Cam Knock out Tool

614600 2.0 Aluminum Shock Reservoir Clamp Kit - 2.0 to 2.0 (hose clamp w/ rubber spacer included standard)

61-1058 Jeep JK Front Remote Reservoir 2.0 / 2.5" Shock Resi Mount Kit (each)

(Standard kit mounts the Remote Reservoirs to the body of the shock. Use this bracket to mount the

Reservoir forward of the coil bucket to the frame like the picture above)

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