2020 Ford Super Duty Tremor Leveled on Carli Suspension E-Venture System and 37s



The ford tremor was designed to be Ford’s most off road capable Super Duty from the factory. Sadly it’s a little short of what we’d want in reality. Many people ask us why we’d modify a Tremor when it comes with “upgraded” suspension from the factory. In reality, the factory lift is little more than 17-19 F-350 front coils, F-350 rear leaf packs with a taller rear block, and what appears to be Fx4 shocks with a Tremor sticker from everything we’ve been able to detect. In short, you buy the Tremor package for the additional gearing options, appearance package, water proof electronics and other package details. The suspension is really nothing to savor.

CJC 2020 Ford Tremor Build

Building a Do It All Ford Super Duty Tremor Powerstroke

CJC 2020 Ford Tremor Build
CJC 2020 Ford Tremor Build

The Suspension

Cody’s Tremor was part of the testing and development process for the Carli E-Venture system, and as Carli’s premier offering, that’s what Cody chose to stick with for the final build.


The E-Venture system comes in both level and 4.5” lift heights. To maintain easy bed access, Cody opted for the level height version. This system uses the same base parts as all other Carli systems, but adds a set of 2.5” diameter E-Venture shocks to the mix.


For base options, Cody did a fully optioned system with a Carli torsion sway bar, Carl dual opposing steering stabilizers, carli radius arms, and carli full replacement rear leaf packs.

CJC 2020 Ford Tremor Build

The shock package builds on the already huge improvement the base system offers by providing a dynamic valving design. Unlike a traditional shock, this system takes input from the truck’s steering, braking, acceleration, and an accelerometer mounted in the engine bay. With that information , the shocks are able to actively adjust valving 100s or 1000s of times per second in response to terrain making ride as smooth as possible.


Inside the cab, there’s a controller 3 base modes: street, rock crawl, and Baja. Each sets a base tune depending on driving conditions. As a full setup, the Carli Suspension E-Venture system is without a doubt the all around smoothest riding Ford system ever offered. Don’t take our word for it though, check out the video above.



From there Cody went for a clean, classy and subtle setup. He opted for a set of 5” backspace Innov8 G500 wheels in a 18x9 sizing. To dress them up a little, Cody installed their Techlite rings with 12pt hardware.


This setup offers a slight poke from the truck. For a flush fitment, go with 5.5” backspace and 12.5” wide tires.


Tires are a set of 37/13.5/18 Nitto Ridge Grapplers, which are one of our favorite tires for these trucks. They’re quiet, long lasting, and offer great all around traction. To store a matching spare, we installed a Carli Suspension Trophy Hitch which will carry up to a 38” tire in the factory location.

CJC 2020 Ford Tremor Build
CJC 2020 Ford Tremor Build
CJC Built Ram Skid Plate
CJC 2020 Ford Tremor Build

In the end, this truck is a perfect example of OEM+. To the untrained eye it looks like any other leveled Tremor, but under the skin it’s packing some major performance and ride quality improvements. As a result, it’s just as comfortable commuting to work as it is towing or smashing through a whoops section. That’s not something your average Tremor can claim!


While no build is ever truly "done" this one is at a point where Cody is pretty happy with it! 




Carli Suspension E-Venture System


Innov8 G500 18x9 5.5" BS Wheels


38/13.5/20 Nitto Ridge Grappler


Still looking for more information? Reach out to us and we can help with your dream build!