Carli Suspension 17+ Ford Super Duty Trophy Hitch - CJC Off Road
Carli Suspension 17+ Ford Super Duty Trophy Hitch - CJC Off Road
Carli Suspension 17+ Ford Super Duty Trophy Hitch - CJC Off Road
Carli Suspension 17+ Ford Super Duty Trophy Hitch - CJC Off Road
Carli Suspension 17+ Ford Super Duty Trophy Hitch - CJC Off Road
Carli Suspension 17+ Ford Super Duty Trophy Hitch - CJC Off Road

Carli Suspension 17+ Ford Super Duty Trophy Hitch


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Carli Suspension created the 2017+ Ford trophy hitch to solve the problem of fitting a full size spare. This 3/16″ and 1/4″ cold-rolled American steel hitch frame is combined with a 3-way tie down to provide users a 3″ Hitch Receiver and fitment for up to a 38″ spare tire in the factory location. This until is direct bolt-in for 2017+ Ford F-250 and F-350 trucks, and was tested to 16,000lbs with no notable deflection giving it over a class 5 rating. This hitch does require modifying the exhaust to exit directly after the over axle segment to fit a 38" tire, but with a 37" tire the factory exhaust will clear. Please see photo above for an example of the modification for 38s. 



Customer Reviews

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Mitch Chapman
The way a heavy duty hitch is SUPPOSED to be made!

If you are on the fence about buying this setup, I can tell you first hand knowledge that it is worth every penny! Extremely well constructed. The welds are top notch and the strap is very stout. Mine allowed me to run a 37x13.50/17 spare on a 17x8.5 wheel with no issues. Do it! wasting bed space with a spare rack is for the birds!

Well made, instructions could be more helpful

Installed on a 2021 F350 Tremor with 7.3l gas engine. Overall it wasn’t too bad installing it by myself on the ground despite the weight of the hitch. I’ve already put a flatbed on the truck and the rear bumper was removed as part of that installation which made it much simpler than with a bumper in place. If you’re going to replace the bumper, do them both at the same time.

I would advise removing the heat shield before installing because it will need to be modified and you can’t install the hitch with the shield in place on the gas truck. I also used the spare tire winch to lift and stabilize the hitch along with a floor jack and a couple of boards to lift the back of the hitch into place. The piece that sticks down under the receiver makes it a bit awkward so you’ll need to figure out how to get it balanced with boards in front of that piece.

My only real complaint is that there aren’t enough places in the gussets for all of the wiring loom plugs. And it would be nice if a heat shield was included in the kit that was designed for the hitch at this price.

Travis Selner
Trophy Hitch 2022 F350

Everything fit perfectly. Installed by myself, although having an extra couple sets of hands would be very helpful. Getting the two rear bolts that are facing up was by far the most difficult part. Very tight space. Torching the bolts to heat them up is a must. And I would recommend using a ratcheting box wrench if you had one. I couldn’t get a socket up there to turn. My truck had some heat shielding on the exhaust already and I only had 37’s to fit. It was tight but they fit with having to do any exhaust work. Although if you don’t have any heat shield, you will need to add some. Any bigger than 37’s you’ll need to adjust the exhaust.

Sam B
Another GREAT Carli Product!!!

My 2022 Ford Super Duty 6.7L lugs a bed camper most of the summer. I finally have a full size 37” spare!!! I installed the hitch myself on the driveway by first removing the rear bumper. It took me a day to do the project. Super happy with the end result as the fit and finish are spectacular. This is one of my favorite and most functional mods. I run 37” Wildpeaks ATs and the 2.5/3.5 Carli Pintop and did not modify the exhaust at all. I’m comfortable with the amount of clearance from the muffler.

Ryan Kennedy
Carli Trophy Hitch

I have long anticipated this hitch, and have many other Carli products on my truck. Hitch fit as intended and my full size spare (37/13.50-18) fits as intended. However be aware that there is significant modification to the exhaust needed in order for it all to work, beyond what is listed in the instructions. For the price this items commands, it would be nice if it came with a curved elbow of 3.5" exhaust tubing to be welded in place of the stock tip once the cut is made after the resonator. That way the spare tire is not having hot exhaust gas blown on it and eventually causing the integrity of the tire to be compromised or be a fire hazard. Also, my hitch pin did not fit as there was some issues with the support welds around the hitch pin holes, I had to be sent a 5/8 reamer from Carli to drill it out. Lastly, it would have been nice if the hitch pin hole was moved back slightly away from the hitch, like the stock hitch is so that larger locking hitch pins can be used, only about 1/4 - 1/2" is needed.