Carli 2017+ F250/F350 Super Duty Suspension Systems

Now that Carli's 2.5" 2017+ systems have begun hitting the market, we thought we'd provide an overview of the components included in this system as well as provide information such as heights/wheel and tire clearance/etc.

This 2017 F350 Lariat was brought to us to have a Carli Pintop 2.5 (2.5" height) system installed. The owner has opted to upgrade to Carli's fabricated radius arms. Since this trucks tows a heavy fifth wheel setup, we decided to utilize Carli's rear add a packs. For wheels, we chose Method 18" Standards with black OMF rings. For tires, this truck is running 37x13.5x18 Toyo Open Country R/T's. We are extremely pleased both with how this truck rides/drives and how it looks!

We get a lot of questions about how these trucks will fit into garages etc. We measured this truck before and after the kit/wheel/tire installation and came up with the following measurements.

Before - Front Fender from Ground - 41.5"  /  Rear Fender from Ground - 44.8"  /  Bed Rail to Ground - 59"  /  Roof Height at Tallest Point - 81"

After - Front Fender from Ground - 45"  /  Rear Fender from Ground - 45.5"  /  Bed Rail to Ground - 59.5"  /  Roof Height at Tallest Point - 83"



For more information regarding Carli's 2017+ Ford Super Duty suspension systems and components, click here.