CJC Shop Mega Cab Build

We recently picked up a 2012 Mega Cab shop truck to replace our 2010. We jumped at the opportunity to purchase this truck as it came in a very unique color - Sagebrush Pearl. Here is a picture of what it looked like brand new:

This truck was purchased from an employee of Carli Suspension, so naturally it had something unique in terms of suspension. We purchased the truck with a Carli 6" Unchained IBP system with the front and rear shocks finished in black/gold. The rear IBP shocks are remote reservoirs with internal bypass features rather than the traditional external bypass tubes. Here are some pictures of the truck as we received it:

The truck had a nice look to it but we wanted to make it a little more current. The new 2016 Sport model trucks have a nice look to them and we wanted to do something similar with this one. We sent it to our friends at Autobahn Collision in Torrance, CA for a bit of an overhaul. The factory grille, headlights, front bumper, and rear bumper were removed. The grille was replaced with a 2013+ Laramie grille and the headlights were replaced with the factory black Sport style headlights:

Autobahn Collision then cut the bottom center lip off a second front bumper and welded it to the open section of our truck's bumper, resulting in a flat lower section of the bumper all the way across rather than the opening that the 4th gen trucks come with:

Baja Designs non-flush mount SII lights were frenched into the rear bumper to serve as backup lights:

We also replaced all of the badges with 2016 Sport style black badges. At this point, the truck had a considerably different look to it:

We've always liked to stuff bigger tires under our builds, so we felt it necessary to replace the 37's underneath with something bigger. We decided to go with 20" Trail Ready Simulated Beadlocks and 38x13.5x20 Toyo Open Country MT tires. In order to match the green/bronze color off the truck, we opted for a bronze powdercoat finish on the wheels. The color is Triple Bronze by Prismatic Powders. Here is how they turned out:

Lighting wise, we wanted to keep a relatively subtle look while outputting tons of light. We went with Baja Designs Squadron fog lights, our new CJC Off Road 30" OnX6 Arc Brackets with integrated tow hooks, and a Baja Designs 30" OnX6 Arc light bar:

The truck was then taken to Off Road Expo in Pomona, CA:

To say we are excited about how this truck turned out is an understatement. We have many more updates to come on this build and look forward to sharing them!