Cole's Carli Suspension Dominator Equipped 2020 Ram 2500 Cummins Build on 38s

Cole's 2020 Ram 2500 Cummins was the second 2019+ Ram we're aware of to get 38s, and since then has definitely been a fan favorite on the internet for it's unique color (factory Olive Green Pearlcoat) and it's classy but tough looks. Let's take a deep dive into the build on this seemingly OEM looking Ram that has a whole lot more going on under the skin!

2020 Ram 2500 On 38s

Building the Ultimate Ram 2500 Cummins Mega Cab

Carli Suspension Ram 2500 Dominator System
Carli Suspension Dominator System Install

The Suspension

The core of this build is the Carli Suspension 3.25" Dominator system. This system offers 3.25" of front lift, 1" of rear lift, and massive custom build King 3.0 shocks front and rear. The top of the line offering from Carli, the Dominator System offers off road performance that rivals anything else on the market, but thanks to Carli's custom pistons and shock tuning, is actually also the smoothest street ride in Carli's lineup as well. 

If you have an existing Carli 3.25" system, upgrading to the Dominator is as simple as adding the Dominator shock package and supporting parts. 

For those seeking off road performance that would rival most side by sides, this system is the way to go. Cole optioned this system fully with a Carli torsion sway bar, Carli dual opposing steering stabilizers, Carli radius arms, and a Carli diff guard and axle truss to strengthen the front axle to keep up with the suspension.

Once the suspension was dialed in, Cole turned his attention to wheel and tires. He wanted something that was clean, modern and most importantly let him clear large tires. He opted for our CJC Edition 20" Trail Ready wheels, which are 20.9x5 with 5.5" backspace. That spec avoids the body, while pushing the wheels out far enough to also avoid hitting the Carli radius arms and sway bar when turning to full steering lock. For tires, Cole opted for a massive 38/13.5/20 Nitto Ridge Grappler. This setup does require some solid trimming which we outline in this video, and will rub when fully articulated. If you want a no hassle setup, stick to 37/13.5 tires. To finish off the aesthetics and add additional approach angle clearance, we also installed our CJC Intercooler guard and skid plate that removes the plastic valance on the truck. Fun fact: this is actually the truck we prototyped the part on! 

20" CJC Spec Trail Ready Wheels
CJC Built Ram Skid Plate


The final piece of the puzzle for this build was lighting. Cole started with our Baja Designs Squadron Sport Fog Light kit, which seamlessly integrates a significantly brighter than stock light into the factory fog light pocket. This package is offered with a street friendly SAE light model, the Sport model shown here (which is about as bright as you can use on the street), and the Pro model Squadrons which are off road only. We offer kits for different trim package trucks as well, including trucks that didn't come with fog lights from the factory. 

We also added a Baja Designs reverse light kit to provide rear illumination.

2019+ Ram Baja Designs Reverse Light Kit
2019+ Ram Morimoto XB Headlights
Ram Lighting Upgrades

While the fog lights added some much needed light on the street, we also installed a 20" Baja Designs OnX6+ light bar in the front bumper to provide an additional 31,000 lumens of light output. 

To finish off the front end and lighting upgrades, we also added a set of Morimoto XB headlights, which truly set the bar for lighting on the 2019+ Ram platform. This tri-projector headlight is a direct factory replacement, but it packs better optics for more distance projection and overall light output than stock. If you drive in dark areas, these are a welcome upgrade over stock. Of course, they look pretty nice too!

While no build is ever truly "done" this one is at a point where Cole is pretty happy with it! 



Carli Suspension Dominator System 


CJC Edition 20" Trail Ready


38/13.5/20 Nitto Ridge Grappler



Morimoto XB 2019+ Ram Headlights

Fog Lights:

2019+ Ram Baja Designs Squadron Sport Fog Light Kit

Light bar:

20" Baja Designs OnX6+ Light Bar Kit

Reverse Lights:

Baja Designs Reverse Light Kit

Still looking for more information? Reach out to us and we can help with your dream build!