Spring 2018 Featured Trucks

2018 has been an incredibly busy year for us. We have a lot more to share in the coming weeks but for now here are some of our favorite customer builds of 2018 so far:

Thie brand new 2018 Ram 2500 received a Carli Back Country 2.0 system, 20" Method Grid Titanium wheels, and 37" Toyo Open Country MT tires.

This Ram 2500 is featuring a 3" Carli Back Country 2.0, 18" Method Grid Titanium wheels, and 37" Toyo Open Country R/T tires. The stance on this truck is just right in our opinion !

Another brand new Mega Cab 2500 sporting a Carli Back Country 2.0 system, 20" matte black Method NV wheels, and 37x12.5x20 Toyo Open Country R/T tires.

We set the new Tint Pros Ford Super Duty up with a Carli Ford Back Country 2.0 Leveling System with full progressive rear leaf springs, 20" matte black Method Grid wheels, and 37" Toyo R/T tires.

This Ram 2500 is running a Carli Suspension Ram 2500 Leveling Kit, 18" Method NV wheels, and 35" Toyo ATII tires. This customer uses this truck to tow frequently and this setup offers a great compromise between improved ride quality and towing capacity.

We really like the stance on this truck. This 2018 Ford Super Duty is running a Carli 2017+ Ford Leveling Kit, 18" Method NV wheels, and 37" Toyo MT tires.

Here is shot of our shop 2014 Ram 2500 Mega Cab sporting a Carli 3" Pintop 2.5 Ram 2500 system, 17" forged Walker Evans beadlocks, and 37" Nitro Ridge Grappler tires.

We updated one of our recent December builds to include a 40" Baja Designs OnX Arc Dual Control Bar mounted with KD Fabworks brackets and Baja Designs Squadron Pro fog lights one each pocket.

Kyle's Ram 2500 featuring a Carli Suspension Pintop 2.5 system, 17" matte black Method Grid wheels, 37" Toyo R/T's, CJC Off Road 30" Baja Designs OnX Arc bracket kit, and Baja Designs Fog Pocket Package.

Beautiful 2nd gen Ram 2500 featuring a Carli Commuter 2.0 3" Lift system, custom finished Method Double Standards, and 37" Toyo R/T's.

Nice new Ram 1500 featuring a Fox 2.0 setup, 17" Method NV's, and 35" Toyo R/T's. Check out Jay Flat Out's video highlighting us installing a Carli Ram 1500 setup on his truck here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyLRPDBFpQM

Marshall's 2006 Ram 2500 featuring a Carli 3" Lift Dominator System, Patton Fabrication bumpers, bronze Raceline Clutch wheels, and 37" Toyo MT's.

Andrew Villablanca (https://www.instagram.com/avvblanc/?hl=en) took some awesome pictures of our shop 2012 Mega Cab recently. We will be showing more of these on our Facebook and Instagram pages, featured at https://www.facebook.com/cjcoffroad/ and https://www.instagram.com/cjcoffroad/?hl=en.

We will be showing more pictures of this one soon. We set up this brand new Ford F250 with a Carli Ford 2017+ Super Duty Pintop 2.5Innov8 Beadlock Wheels, and 37" Toyo R/T's. This truck also features a variety of Baja Designs lighting options. More pictures coming soon!

Brent's 2017 Ford F250 looks great on a Carli 4.5" Commuter System, Innov8 beadlock wheels, and 37" Toyo open Country MT tires.

Stay posted for more exciting builds coming soon!