Super Sizing a 2004 Cummins

Last week, we had the opportunity to perform some upgrades to a customer's truck that had already received some suspension modifications, but the customer wanted more. This truck traverses back roads for many days at a time, and the customer wanted a suspension that not only was capable of going wherever he wanted, but a suspension that was capable of doing so for many days at a time without compromising comfort. For this task, we selected Carli's 6" Dominator suspension system.

Here is a before picture with the old 3" setup:

We began with the front end, mounting the Carli radius arms and crossmember:

We then mounted the Carli coils, fabricated shock towers, and King 3.0 front shocks:

We then moved on to the rear, mounting the Carli full progressive leaf springs, King 3.0 shocks, and long travel air bags:

The customer already had a Carli torsion sway bar, so we retained it and reused it with the new suspension setup:

Converting to radius arms requires the correct wheel and tire combination. We switched this truck to Method Race Wheels 17" standards with 4.5" of backspacing:

Here it is when we pulled it out of the shop:

The customer immediately took the truck to the Tierra Del Sol Desert Safari 2015, a trail run dominated by Jeeps and smaller 4 wheelers. This truck had no problem traversing the terrain!

For more information about Carli's Dominator suspension system, click here.