Thuren 94-13 Dodge Ram King 2.5" Shock Package 2500/3500 4x4 (Sold in Pairs) - CJC Off Road
Thuren 94-13 Dodge Ram King 2.5" Shock Package 2500/3500 4x4 (Sold in Pairs) - CJC Off Road

Thuren 94-13 Dodge Ram King 2.5" Shock Package 2500/3500 4x4 (Sold in Pairs)


Thuren Kings Made to Order 4-5 Month ETA

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Thuren's King 2.5" shock package is a great option for those looking to build a custom tuned suspension setup for their Dodge Ram 2500/3500 4x4. Please specify the height and desired valving profile. These shocks are built to order and typically have a 20 week or more lead time.


-Thuren Fabrication Fabricated Shock Towers
-King Remote Reservoir 2.5 Front Shocks
-King Piggyback 2.5" Rear Shocks
-Reservoir Mounts & All Required Hardware


STAGE ONE - Rides unbelievable on the highway and performs great on mild gravel roads. Valving is light enough to completely absorb even the largest potholes, highway expansion joints, etc. This valving profile excels on small, choppy terrain. Stage one front valving is the lightest valving Thuren has, and it can still bottom out easily once you get more aggressive off road. Comfort and possible speed off road are still about double what is possible with stock shocks.

STAGE TWO - Highway ride is still top notch but the suspension will now have a slight sports car type feel to it. Large potholes and ruts are absorbed the same as stage one, but the smaller holes and bumps have a bit more entry feeling. Off road performance and bottom out resistance are increased about 10% from stage one.

STAGE THREE - This is the most common valving profile Thuren uses. Highway ride is still much better than stock, and with the right components, the off road performance increase is huge. Large potholes, curb-sized bumps, rutted dirt roads, and small sand whoops are no problem. More speed equals more force to push through the valving and smooth out the ride in this type of terrain.

STAGE FOUR - This is where the off road performance really increases. With this valving profile, it is time to start considering an axle truss if running the truck hard, as the off road speeds attained can let the really big hits come up quickly. On road ride is still better than stock all around while the truck will begin to feel more firm on larger potholes and bumps compared to stage three.

- An axle truss is pretty much mandatory at this point to use this valving to its potential. With this much valving, the suspension does not absorb the smaller bumps as easily as it is designed to really resist bottoming out. Large potholes and small speed bumps are now about the same feel as the stock suspension, but still get absorbed with enough speed. The highway ride is more balanced than stock, but has about the same feel on average.

STAGE SIX - This valving profile is pretty much focused on race speed off road performance. Smaller square edge bumps will be pronounced, but the bigger rollers and whoops just want more speed. Large sand whoops can be skipped across with the correct line and skill. This valving can test the limits of any driver and let the truck obtain jaw dropping speed in the rough. To drive your Dodge Ram at the limits of this valving will require vast off rod driving skill and experience. Highway ride is compromised when contacting large potholes and bumps, but freeway expansion joints are still more balanced than stock.

All Thuren King shock orders are custom orders. They are not eligible for refund/ return/ cancellation for any reason once the order is placed. Thank you for your understanding!

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Rodney O’Dell
Amazing shocks!

I went stage 3 when stage 1-2 would have likely been a bit better for me on the road. But they are 10x better now than what i had before! These are just overall great shocks. They even helped take care of the axle wrap i had. Truck is nimble an quicker now while handling all bumps soo much better!