01 - 10 GM 2500/3500 HD 0-3" with UCA Front Remote Reservoir Shock - 2.0 Aluminum Series


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76528R 01-10 Gm2500/3500 HD 0-3" with UCA Remote Reservoir Front Shock (Sold Individualy)


ICON Vehicle Specific (V.S.) 2.0 Aluminum Series remote reservoir shock absorbers are the ultimate in cost effective upgrades, specifically tailored by ICON engineers for your application. The V.S. 2.0 Aluminum Series shocks are a high quality upgrade for the everyday street driver and weekend warrior looking for improved on and off road performance. Like all ICON shock absorbers, V.S. 2.0 Aluminum Series shocks are 100% rebuildable and 100% revalveable. For those using their vehicle in extreme off road situations, consider the ICON V.S. 2.5 Series shock to handle extra abuse and punishment your suspension will need to endure.

Key Features:

• Premium Grade 5WT Shock Oil for consistent damping along wide

• Nitrogen Charged

• One Piece Linear/Digressive Piston Design for Unsurpassed Performance and Ride Quality On- and Off-road

• 5/8” Polished Nitro Steel Shaft does not flake and pit as easy as the industry standard chrome shafts

• 6061 Aluminum Rod End, top can and internals insure Strength and Durability

• Polyurethane Bushings and zinc plated sleeves for OE factory type Fitment

• 6063 Anodized Aluminum body and reservoir Tubing for Superb Heat Dissipation, Excellent Corrosion Resistance, and High Tech Appearance

• 100% Rebuildable

• 100% Revalveable

• Buna Top Out Bumper for noise free operation

Tech Info:

• Optional shock boots available for extra protection (61-4700 quantity 2)

Numerous hours have been spent ride testing and tuning these vehicle specific shocks, but for those who own a vehicle that ICON does not have an application for there are universal 2.0 series shocks that can be tuned by the end user for their specific application.

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