Carli Ford Super Duty Caster Correction Shims


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Carli's Ford Super Duty caster shims are one of the key ingredients toward the improved drivability that Carli's Ford Super Duty Suspension Systems offer. Caster is the rearward rock of the axle on your truck. Too little, and the front end wants to dart around like a shopping cart wheel or even death wobble. Too much and the steering feels heavy and only wants to go straight. Just right, and you have a perfect steering feel with predictable handling. 

Shims should be used as follows:

2 Degree: 2005-2023 Level Height

1 Degree: 2024+ Level Height / 2005-Current 4.5/5.5" lift with radius arm drops

Please note, we do not accept returns on caster shims. If you have a question about them, please reach out to us!


-Pair of Caster Cams

Install Instructions 

Unless you order these with other items, they will ship via USPS.

Customer Reviews

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David Brown
Amazing difference

I was skeptical but I must admit it 110% resolved my steering issue. I'm more than happy, truck drives like a dream now

Glenn Fidler
Easy install

These were very east to pop out and put in the new 2 deg shims. Along with the 3 notch inserts on the radius arms makes it track much nicer than stock. I can recommend these along with the entire system.

Joseph Guillory

Carli Ford Super Duty Caster Correction Shims

Ford correction shims

This product worked good and customer service was helpful with assisting me with ordering the correct part. Will do business again.

James Vannorsdel

They are SPC bushings
I can buy them at orielleys auto parts for 20.00
You ripped them off
You ripped it off