Carli Suspension

Carli Suspension products are developed in Southern California by leading technology experts in the suspension field. The founder of Carli suspension, Sage Carli, uses his lifetime of off road racing experience to build some of the best Dodge Ram and Ford suspension on the planet.  

If you have any questions about our products or need help determining which Carli kit is best for your vehicle, feel free to contact us at 1-844-252-6373. 

// USA MADE //

Carli is committed to production in the USA. Whether it's hand welding arms, machining joints in house, or tuning shocks, Carli has full control of the production process to ensure the highest quality. Every single Carli Product is American made and sourced— even the tape and boxes. 


Lift kits are about achieving a certain height, but this is a suspension system. Carli puts ride quality above anything else, chasing the best performance possible on and off road. As a result, these suspension systems will ride better than anything on the market. 


Whether your truck is a daily driver or an off road only toy going to Baja, Carli Suspension has a system that will give you ride quality you never dreamed possible.


Unlike your average lift, Carli Suspension uses only custom tuned shocks and springs. Each shock package goes through months of testing, development, tuning, and valving to match exactly to the truck and suspension system. The time invested in custom tuning is the secret sauce that puts these suspension systems in a class of their own. If you want the best for your truck, look no farther. 


You can find cheaper lift kits made overseas, but your truck deserves better. From the hand welding, to the in house made joints and bushings, Carli doesn't do anything halfway. Every single part uses only the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes. It may cost more, but like the saying goes, you get what you pay for. With Carli, the difference is something you can feel each time you drive. 

As a result of Carli’s custom shock tuning, and their use of the highest quality materials possible, the ride improvement on and off road has to be felt to be believed. Carli’s suspension systems are more than a lift kit, improving your vehicle’s handling and providing off road capability you never imagined possible. Whether it’s a daily driver, tow rig, or off road toy, Carli Suspension offers a product to improve your driving experience. 

Explore the full line of Carli Suspension systems for a wide range of Dodge and Ford vehicles.

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If you have any questions about our products or need help determining which Carli kit is best for your vehicle, feel free to contact us at 1-844-252-6373.