Carli Suspension 2014+ Dodge Ram 2500 Lift Multi-Rate Rear Coil Springs


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Designed specifically to work with Carli 3.25" suspension systems and the necessary rear supporting parts, these coils dramatically improve ride, and cycle a massive 11" of rear travel, which is the maximum amount you can squeeze out of a 2014+ Ram 2500.

Carli offers two versions of these coils. The standard R1 offers 1" of lift and a dramatically smoother ride with a progressive rate, trading about a 15% decrease in payload capacity for a buttery smooth ride anywhere.

The R2 coil is the highest capacity performance Ram 2500 coil on the market with over 2,000 pounds of capacity. These coils are perfect for trucks that have 600-800 pounds of constant load. Empty, they will provide about 2" of lift over a factory height truck. 

Please keep in mind however that NO rear suspension will legally increase your truck's GVWR, so you must mot exceed that number. With the R2 coils however, you can comfortably carry that weight. With the factory coils at the max payload your truck will be sitting on the bump stops! 

These coils fit 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 and newer Ram 2500 trucks. 

These coils REQUIRE the use of Carli rear shocks, Carli rear sway bar end links, a Carli track bar drop (or replacement rear track bar) and Carli rear bump stop drops. 

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Customer Reviews

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Simple install

Simple install. May sure you prepare to droop the rear end out far enough to install the new coils.

Larry Burchill
Huge difference

I run an addition 600lbs with a shell and additional weight, these springs made significant difference. Don’t hesitate if you have additional weight in the bed of your truck. These springs will really improve the sag and the performance.. I’m very happy I made the purchase.. thanks CJC for getting me there.

louis Control
Truck rides much better with the heavier springs

I love dealing with CJC this guys know these trucks and what works. I just wish I had an unlimited budget for my Power Wagon!

Star West Fabrication and Welding
Carli multi rate rear coils

Very solid spring. Ride quality is insanely better. Was running the Thuren 1" lift springs and with a normal bed, they're great if you don't haul anything. The load capacity took a massive hit and ended up needing bags when I got a flatbed so I had to add air bags as well. Used to have to run 70psi to get a decent stiff ride, with the new springs it sits and rides so much better and I'm only running 20psi in the bags now. CJC was amazing to deal with helping me build out my rear lift better for how my rig is set up

Chris Bauer
Carli R2 springs

I had the lighter springs originally, but after off-roading and towing I lost the load capacity and was sitting 2” lower in the rear. I ordered these and has so far been a huge improvement. Haven’t had a chance to tow with them yet.