Synergy Steering Toe Angle Alignment Plates
Synergy Steering Toe Angle Alignment Plates
Synergy Steering Toe Angle Alignment Plates

Synergy Steering Toe Angle Alignment Plates


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The Synergy Steering Alignment Plates allow at home DIY alignments on your solid axle with shop precision. For less than you'd pay a shop to align your truck, this is the tool you need to dial in toe angle easily at home. 

These alignment plates are cleverly designed to sit directly on the hub, which makes for a more accurate measurement than trying to measure off the tire itself. The 3/16 steel plate will work also with most wheel lug patterns, meaning they can be used on pretty much any solid axle vehicle. 

Set toe easily at home
Sold in pairs
1/8" hot rolled steel
Precision laser cut
CNC formed



4 Lug 5 Lug
4 x 100
4 x 110
4 x 137
4 x 140
4 x 156
4 x 4.5
5 x 100
5 x 110 OPAL
5 x 112
5 x 160
5 x 205 (WIDE 5)
5 x 4.25
5 x 4.5
5 x 4.75
5 x 5
5 x 5.5
5 x 6.5
6 Lug 8 and 10 Lug
6 x 130
6 x 135
6 x 170
6 x 4.5
6 x 5.5
6 x 6.5 TT (6 x 165.1)
8 x 170
8 x 180
8 x 200
8 x 6.5
10 x 225

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect easy to use for at home alignments !

Thomas Hock
Not ideal for my RAM 2500

I purchased this for my RAM 2500. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite clear the radius arms - it really needs to drop down about an inch lower. It should work great with my JK.

Heath Edwards
Money saver

Could I build this myself? Yeah! Do I got time for that? No! Probably wouldn’t be as straight and my toe angle would still be off a bit. They could use a coat of paint. I’d pay an extra $20 or so for a powder coat. Little bit of surface rust on them but nothing to interfere with measurable tolerances. It ain’t the perfect alignment but close enough the tires are happy now.


Very happy with it, nice tool to have when there isn’t a lot of good quality alinement shops.

Ernie Baker
Nice little kit.

These are a good set up for the home mech. Easy to use. I’ll work these in during tire rotation. The bare metal keeps cost down so rattle can away with your favorite color. Just a decent tool for the job. Thumbs up!