Carli 2017+ Ford Super Duty High Mount Stainless Stabilizer


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Carli's Super Duty High-Mount Steering Stabilizer is a factory location drag link mount replacement stabilizer, with everything factory thrown out the window. Instead, Carli went back to the drawing board to design the best stabilizer possible. It features a Stainless Steel body, hardened Nitride Shafts, and precision bearings for long lasting performance and appearance. Its custom designed bracket maintains factory fitment while allowing maximum turning radius. Just like their shocks, Carli custom builds and tunes all their stabilizers specifically for each vehicle platform. This means that the stabilizer is able to massively reduce road feedback, without impacting steering feel negative. 

Carli went a step further by nitrogen pressure adjustment to this stabilizer. 40-70 psi sets the stabilizer neutral to just control road feedback. 70-200 psi causes the stabilizer to push in the direction of extension, which fights tire pull that would otherwise be unsolvable. We also offer a Carli low mount (tie rod mount), or Carli true dual opposing stabilizer pair for people wanting the best of the best! 


-Carli Suspension Stainless Steel Stabilizer Mounts out of harm's way
-Custom tuned for Super Duty 4x4s


This steering stabilizer is intended to fit LEVELED/LIFTED HEIGHT 2017- current Ford Super Duty 4x4 trucks.
This will not fit on F-450 trucks. No confirmed fitment with Dropped Pitman Arms.

Please note this stabilizer is compatible with either factory or Apex steering linkage, but NOT Synergy. 

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Customer Reviews

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Alonzo De La Garza
Torsion Sway Bar

I have been thinking about adding the torsion sway bar for a long time. I finally did and what a difference it makes. The ride is a lot smoother.

Kenneth Hubach
Carli 2017 F350 High Mount Stainless Stabilizer

I purchased my F350 truck new in 2017 and immediately put Toyo MT's on it, and have been running them ever since. From the first day the MT's were installed, I've had a significant pull to the right. I've had the truck aligned many times, and I've always been told the pull can't be adjusted out, the truck is in perfect alignment. I just turned 99K on the truck. I watch CJC YouTubes, and saw the recent educational one about Steering Stabilizers, and that the large aggressive tread tires, particularly Toyo MT's create a pull to the right. And that the high level Nitrogen filled stabilizer recommended to correct this. I immediately ordered one. And it corrected the significant pull!! I had no idea! I really enoy CJC's informational video's; keep them coming. THANK YOU!

Joseph Burney
Great Product

I purchased the upper and lower stabilizer for my super duty Tremor. Noticed a difference right way. Stopped the slight wandering and tightened the steering up. Worth the cost!

Wes Baldwin
Carli High mount stainless steering stabilizer

Added this a couple months after my full Carli pintop kit on my 19 ford f250 platinum. I'm running 20" KMC snare and 37 Falken wildpeak. I didn't have any problem with pull or drift but the truck is noticeably easier to control at high speeds. Will be towing the boat next week after a couple factory recalls. Look forward to it. I Love what CJC and Carli did to completely change this truck!

J McClendon

Carli 2017+ Ford Super Duty High Mount Stainless Stabilizer?