CARLI SUSPENSION 2019+ 2500 Power Wagon Pin-Top System - CJC Off Road
CARLI SUSPENSION 2019+ 2500 Power Wagon Pin-Top System - CJC Off Road
CARLI SUSPENSION 2019+ 2500 Power Wagon Pin-Top System

CARLI SUSPENSION 2019+ 2500 Power Wagon Pin-Top System


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USA MADE // Carli is committed to production in the USA. Every single Carli Product is American made and sourced, down to the tape and boxes themselves.
CUSTOM TUNED // Unlike your average lift, Carli Suspension uses only custom tuned shocks. Each shock package goes through months of testing, development, tuning, and valving. The 2.5" diameter King shocks in this system are custom tuned to offer incredible high speed performance, crawling control, and comfort on the street. This is the ultimate do it all system.
FABRICATED RADIUS ARMS // Hand fabricated and welded in California with the highest quality joints for improved flex, these arms are a high strength radius arm replacement. They also have more tire clearance than the factory arms thanks to a notched design. If you want the best of the best for your truck, look no further.

The best bolt on Power Wagon suspension system on the market, the Carli Suspension 3.25" Pintop system dramatically improves on road comfort, but more importantly makes your Power Wagon even more capable in the dirt. Whether it's low speed crawling or high speed desert running, this system can tackle it with 9.3" of front travel, 11" of rear travel and completely custom spec King shocks. You can also option it with Carli's high capacity coils, which are perfect for trucks running roof top tents and camping setups. 

Designed from the ground up for the serious adventurer, the Pintop 2.5 features excellent road manners while providing the comfort and control needed on those long unforgiving trails, and high speed off road driving. Keeping the factory geometry in check is a host of upgraded components that have been scrutinized for strength, function, and longevity. 

The Details: This system boasts Carli specific, blueprinted, King 2.5” shocks on all four corners. In an effort to provide customers with the best product, Carli designed a custom piston to determine proper base flow rates to ensure the shock works well in the heavy duty truck platform; they then tuned the shocks around the custom pistons based on the only thing that matters to us, seat-of-the-pants feel. These shocks completely mute the axle hop and chatter that plague the stock Power Wagon platform in soft soil or sand. Carli rounds off ALL King shocks with shafts machined and polished from a solid piece of 17-4 Stainless. Unlike King’s standard shafts, there is no coating to wear off, weather is far less likely to hurt them and if there is a small chip, you can round the edges with emery cloth to ensure the seal housing isn’t damaged as they’re not brittle like the stock, hardened shafts. The shocks are finished with King oil good to -55° F. 

Your truck will sit 2” higher in the front (cab configuration dependent) with more suspension travel than the factory platform thanks to the taller, lighter rate coil springs. The rear Carli Coil Springs will lift 1”  to level the truck while upping the rear suspension capacity to a respectable 2,000lbs. If more capacity is desired, we also offer the R2 high capacity rear coils which are perfect for trucks with full time camping setups. 

The Factory Power Wagon Sway Bar Disconnect and sway bar are retained with this system and functions just like factory! 

The additional front lift and off-road oriented application call for a better track bar to handle the increased off-road abilities. This system includes an Adjustable Track Bar to recenter the axle and provide a stronger link with less deflection for the lifted application. Also included are Carli’s Radius Arm Drop Brackets to drop the pivot point of the dual pivot Power Wagon arms, alleviate diagonal spring pressures (ensure no bow in the coil springs) and allow full adjustment of the factory caster bolt. Many lower cost options skip this part, but we feel it's a necessary item to maintain proper caster and arm angle with the added front suspension travel and articulation. 

Everything is included to support flawless operation of all components. Extended rear Sway Bar End Links, Front and Rear Bump stop drops to ensure the shocks are cycling in their designed travel range as well as a rear track bar drop bracket minimizing the rear end “wag” associated with opposing track bar suspension designs are all included to round off this suspension system. This system also includes several small parts that no other brand offers including a Harmonic Damper Relocation Bracket and Skid Plate Spacer Block to prevent the drive shaft from being damaged by the skid plate with the added droop travel this system offers. 

This system fits Dodge Ram 2500 Power Wagon 4x4 trucks from 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022.

Wheel and Tire: This system will fit up to a 37” tire when utilizing wheels that are no more than 9” wide with 5.75-6” of backspacing. A 12.5” wide should fit with no rubbing on the factory radius arm and only minor trimming required, while a 13.5” will require more trimming and slightly more offset to fit properly. 35” tires will fit with VERY minimal, if any trimming. We Recommend running a 17”/18” diameter wheel for optimal ride quality (more rubber = better small bump compliance) on a 35”-37” E-rated tire running 45psi front, 40psi rear when unloaded. For more details, see our article on wheel and tire selection and tire pressures.


Dodge 2" Pintop 2.5 System, Power Wagon, 2019+ Base Kit. Base Kit Includes:

CS-DEL-R-14 Rear Sway Bar End Links
CS-DFBD-1 Front Bump Drops
CS-DLRC-14-H Front Linear-Rate Coil Springs
CS-DMRC-14-R1 Rear Multi-Rate Coil Springs
CS-DATB-1419 Front Track Bar
CS-DRAD-14 Radius Arm Drops
CS-DCM-20-HK Transmission Crossmember, Extended Hardware Kit
CS-DRBD-AL Rear Bump Drops
CS-DPRBDROP-14-R Rear Track Bar Drop
CS-DPT25SPKG-14-H Carli Tuned King 2.5" Remote Reservoir Pintop Shock Package with Reservoir Mounts, Stainless Shafts, Brake Line Tabs
CS-DVDBRKT-19 Harmonic Damper Relocation Bracket
CS-DARMORBLK-19 PW Skid Plate Spacer Block

Front Lift Rear Lift Front Travel Rear Travel Shock Diameter Tire Fitment
2.0″ 1″ 9.3″ 11″ 2.5″ 37″

Customer Reviews

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Jordan Hope
CJC Off Road is the best in the Biz!

I cannot speak highly enough about CJC and their Team! Hands down best service I have ever received when ordering custom components for my vehicle! As for the suspension manufacturing and attention to detail is perfect to a “T”! Fit and finish is flawless and my “Hella Wagon” is ready for whatever obstacle stands in her way!

Mike Van Meter
Worth every penny!!

First off, the guys at CJC are great to deal with. They know their stuff inside and out and will take the time to help and answer all questions. The suspension itself? Night and day difference between stock and the Pintop system. The on road handling is greatly improved, the off road handling is unreal. If you’re thinking about getting a suspension kit for your Power Wagon, this is the one.

Ram Power Wagon Pintop

Top of the line system, excellent!!

Dane Dickson
Outstanding upgrade

I was on the fence with this suspension mod due to the component expense but I'm glad I pulled the trigger. To be honest I don't think I would have done it anywhere else other than CJC do to their reputation and familiarization with the install. If you won't a top notch off road ride this is it!