Carli Dodge Ram 2500/3500 Torsion Sway Bar


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The single biggest improvement of ride quality out of Carli's entire line of Dodge Ram Components. The OEM sway bar's torsion rate is extremely high and it almost marries the front axle to the chassis. You notice this the most in low speed offset bumps, such as crossing speed bumps one tire at a time and entering or exiting a driveway at an angle where you feel an abrupt side to side rocking of the entire rig. The first thing you feel with Carli Sway Control is a "detached" feel of the axle and chassis. Finally they are allowed to work independently of each other without undo movement.

Every Sway Bar kit comes with extreme duty 5/8" F.K. rod ends for maximum longevity and off-road performance.


-4130 Chromoly Construction
-5/8" F.K. Rod End
-Easy Maintenance
-Bolts On In Minutes


Model Part Number

2003-12 DODGE RAM 2500/3500 4x4, 3" CS-DTSB3-03
2006-08 DODGE RAM 1500 4x4 Mega Cab, 3" CS-DTSB3-03
2003-12 DODGE RAM 2500/3500 4x4, 6" CS-DTSB6-03

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