Carli Ford Super Duty 05-16 Deaver 4.5" Full Progressive Spring Pack


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The Carli Suspension Super Duty Full Spring Pack is designed and built to their specification, supporting up to 15" of wheel travel. The center-pin is relocated to accommodate (up to) 38 inch tires, 37" recommended, and levels the rear perfectly to match our 4.5" front suspension systems. If more lift is desired, one could pair Carli springs with lift blocks to accommodate additional lift; however, this will require brake line extensions and longer U-Bolts (not included).

This spring pack delivers smoother suspension cycling in all situations: highway, off road and towing. Because of the reduction in tow capacity, Carli Suspension recommends pairing our Super Duty Full Spring Pack with our Proprietary Long-Travel Airbags for trucks that constantly tow trailers with over 1,000lbs of tongue weight, or carry over 1,000lbs. in the bed.



-Provides 3" of lift over a stock height F250 and 2" of lift over a stock height F350
-Custom Progressive Rate
-Relocated Center Pin
-Eliminates the factory block
-Usable up to 15" of travel

*2.5" leveling 2005-2007 applications require front hanger relocation. Instructions for the conversion can be found here.

Installation Instructions

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Ron St Jean

I’ve been very happy dealing with this company. I am very impressed with their quick response to emails even just for a random questions. anything I need for my truck I will look to them.