Carli Ford Super Duty Caster Correction Shims


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Carli's Ford Super Duty caster shims are one of the key ingredients toward the improved drivability that Carli's Ford Super Duty Suspension Systems offer. Caster is the rearward rock of the axle on your truck. Too little, and the front end wants to dart around like a shopping cart wheel or even death wobble. Too much and the steering feels heavy and only wants to go straight. Just right, and you have a perfect steering feel with predictable handling. 

 These shims are designed for stock to leveled height trucks. Select 1.0* for 4.5" Lift Height Carli systems and 2.0* for 2.5" Lift Height leveling kits or stock trucks.

Please note, we do not accept returns on caster shims. If you have a question about them, please reach out to us!


-Pair of Caster Cams (1.0* for 4.5" Lift Height and 2.0* for 2.5" Lift Height)

Install Instructions 

Unless you order these with other items, they will ship via USPS.

Customer Reviews

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Made a difference with my 2.5 inch lift

Jeffrey Lewis
Carli shims

Great packaging and delivered on time. Thank you

Josh Johnson
Holy smokes!

Do NOT listen to any of the “typical” shops when you ask them if your caster is ok… they will tell you it is.
Do yerself a favor and get these castor shims!! I was floored by the difference! Turning has always been a struggle, I installed these in my driveway. Went on a test drive, and the wheel snapped right back to center on its own after turning. Before I had turn it back. It literally feels like steering a car. I never knew my f250 could be this nice to steer and drive between the carli springs and the castor shims.
Lower front steering stabilizer is next :)

Castor shim

Corrects wheel feedback, feels more firm

bobby waller
2019 Superduty

Ordered these after I installed a level kit and had 35’s put on my truck. Before the shims the truck felt like it wandered all over the road. I am very impressed at the difference these shims made. Very happy!