Carli Ford Super Duty Fox 2.0 (2.5" Lift) Backcountry Shock Package


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This system was developed for outstanding on-road ride quality, while providing heightened abilities off-road. Custom FOX Shocks with our own proprietary tuning provide enhanced comfort and control while still delivering an off-road punch. The FOX 2.0 Shocks are built specifically for Carli using their unique Aluminum Extrusion process, giving these shocks corrosion resitance to help last through the winters to come. Press-in Bushings provide noise damping as well as extending service life in extreme environments. Your truck will sit higher, level, have more wheel travel, plush ride quality and OEM towing and weight carrying capacity.


-Front Fox Performance 2.0 Shocks
-Rear Fox Performance 2.0 Shocks