Carli Suspension 2013+ Dodge Ram 3500 Backcountry 2.0 3.25" Lift System
Carli Suspension 2013+ Dodge Ram 3500 Backcountry 2.0 3.25" Lift System - CJC Off Road

Carli Suspension 2013+ Dodge Ram 3500 Backcountry 2.0 3.25" Lift System


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USA MADE // Carli is committed to production in the USA. Every single Carli Product is American made and sourced, down to the tape and boxes themselves.
CUSTOM TUNED // Unlike your average lift, Carli Suspension uses completely custom built and tuned shocks. Each shock package goes through months of testing, development, tuning, and valving. The Back Country is carefully tuned to retain the on road comfort of the Commuter system while adding additional off road capability and performance for high speed impacts.
FABRICATED RADIUS ARMS // Hand fabricated and welded in California with the highest quality joints for improved flex, these arms are a high strength radius arm replacement. They also have more tire clearance than the factory arms thanks to a notched design. If you want the best of the best for your truck, look no further.
SWAY BAR UPGRADE // Eliminates the harshness caused by the stiff factory sway bar, letting your suspension do its job and move independently. This is one of the single biggest improvements you can make to your truck’s ride. To keep the factory ride, use either the drops or end links. The end links are prefered if you plan to upgrade to a torsion sway bar in the future.
LEAF PACK OPTIONS // Balancing ride and capability, the add a pack retains factory payload but improves small bump compliance by increasing the leaf count and reducing leaf thickness in half the pack. With the full leaf pack, a 15% payload reduction gets the best possible ride quality from the rear of the truck. Small chatter or large hit, this leaf pack will swallow it whole. The HD pack is ONLY for chase trucks or trucks with over 2,000lbs in bed at all times.
The Carli Suspension Ram 3500 Backcountry system is designed to be the jack of all trades. This setup is just as comfortable for daily driving as it is for basic off road driving. The completely custom spec and custom tuned Carli SPEC 2.0 reservoir shocks make quick work of washboard roads, low speed crawling, and just about anything the average truck would come across. These shocks also offer great control for towing and hauling compared to a stock truck. That said, high speed off road usage is best suited for the Carli King shock systems. 

Keeping the factory geometry in check is a host of upgraded components that have been scrutinized for strength, function, and longevity. No other system on the market is this comprehensive and addresses all the suspension vitals.

The Backcountry 2.0 system is designed for people seeking the best ride on and off-road on a budget; perfect for those that want to have a little dirt-road fun in their 8,500lb truck without losing the on-road ride quality or usability for which the truck was designed. You’re no longer limited to the highway while gravel roads become uninteresting as you can drive them at speed with one hand on the wheel. Utilizing Carli SPEC 2.0” Remote Reservoir Shocks, Carli has developed a shock tune that delivers all around comfort and ride quality designed for on-road, in town, highway, towing/hauling as well as slow to mid speed off road use.

This system is Carli's most popular, all around suspension system. It was tuned and rides best with their Full Progressive Leaf Springs and 18” wheels with 37” tires. Both of the aforementioned are recommended.

The Details: Your truck will sit 3”-3.5” higher in the front (cab configuration dependent) with 50% more suspension travel than the factory platform thanks to the taller, lighter rate coil springs. The rear is lifted 2”-3” via the customer’s choice of a Progressive Add-A-Pack & Block combo or Full Progressive Leaf Pack. The Progressive Add-A-Pack/Block maintains load capacity and replaces the factory overload with a 5-Leaf, progressive pack that changes the final rate of the spring pack keeping the rear planted while increasing traction and predictability. The optional Full Progressive Leaf Pack replaces the entire factory leaf spring assembly increasing travel and drastically increasing comfort (when compared to when compared to the factory springs or add-a-pack) throughout the entire usable travel stroke at the cost of a 15% payload reduction from a standard 2500.

When pairing added down-travel with the taller ride height, the position of the factory, front sway bar will need to be altered as well. For this, we offer two options; Billet Sway Bar Drop Brackets or the replacement Torsion Sway Bar. The Billet Drop Blocks shift the sway bar down and forward to ensure the factory end links cycle properly throughout the entire extended travel range. Carli’s optional Torsion sway bar removes the entire factory sway bar assembly replacing it with a torsion bar supported by fabricated drop brackets and delrin bushings. Fabricated sway bar arms and dual 5/8” FK heim end links round off the package. This is the single best bang for the buck, ride-quality upgrade offered by Carli Suspension.

When lifting the front end of a straight axle truck, the front axle is pulled off-center unless the proper linkages are addressed. Three inches of front lift equates to an axle shifted toward the driver’s side ¾” and, in the radius arm equipped Rams, lightened caster and slight rearward axle shift. This system includes an Adjustable Track Bar to push the axle back toward the passenger side and provide a stronger link with less deflection for the lifted application. We also include Radius Arm Drop Brackets to recenter your caster adjustment and shift the axle forward to its new center of travel. Everything is included to support flawless operation of all components.

Wheel and Tire: This system will fit up to a 37” tire when utilizing wheels that are no more than 9” wide with 5.75-6” of backspacing. A 12.5” wide should fit with no rubbing on the factory radius arm and only minor trimming required, while a 13.5” will require more trimming and slightly more offset to fit properly. 35” tires will fit with VERY minimal, if any trimming. We Recommend running an 18” diameter wheel for optimal ride quality (more rubber = better small bump compliance) on a 35”-37” E-rated tire running 45psi front, 40psi rear when unloaded. 

This system fits 2013 and newer Dodge Ram 3500 4x4 trucks.

This system does not work with rear auto-level air suspension. This system is not compatible with cab and chassis model trucks.

Base Kit Includes:

CS-DFBD-1 Front Bump Drops
CS-DLRC-14-D Front Linear-Rate Coil Springs
CS-DATB-1419 Front Track Bar
CS-DRAD-14 Radius Arm Drops
CS-DCM-20-HK Transmission Crossmember, Extended Hardware Kit
CS-DBC20SPKG-13-D Carli Tuned Carli SPEC 2.0" Remote Reservoir Shocks, Front and Rear, Reservoir Mounts

Front Lift Rear Lift Front Travel Rear Travel Shock Diameter Tire Fitment
3.25″ – 3.5″ 2″ – 3″ 9.6″ 13″ 2.0″ 37″ x 12.5″

Installation Instructions

Customer Reviews

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Eric Williams
Jessica Is Riding Right

I have had several different lift kits over the years on different trucks. Hands down this is the best system I have used. Makes my 1tn ride better than my half ton or 3/4 tn ever did. Very impressed with the quality of parts an ease of installation.

Xavier Pulido
Ram 3500 Mega Cab

The guys at CJC are awesome and professional. They installed the Back County kit with 17” 315 Mrthids on 37” Nitto Grapplers. I didn’t have anyone to pick me up when I dropped off my truck and I was able to hang out in their break room. I would definitely recommend them to everyone.

Thank you CJC

Apache Powerline Consulting
Carli back country kit

We have Carli kits on all of our fleet trucks. Great on highway,but really notice the difference off road on the job site in rough access. Easy to get parts, long lasting components, we love them! CJC is great to deal with.

Scott Sabo

Carli Suspension 2013+ Dodge Ram 3500 Backcountry 2.0 3.25" Lift System