Carli Suspension 2013+ Dodge Ram 3500 Full Progressive Leaf Spring Pack


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Michael Hnatt
One of the best vehicle investments ever, and cannot recommend enough!

Like many, I did a ton of online research before dropping such an investment into suspension upgrades. The CJC videos on YouTube began to verify my hunch that I was on the right path. Phone calls and emails to CJC were answered with exceptional patience and enthusiasm as if I'd been a long-time customer (which I wasn't). My 2022 1-ton SRW RAM 3500 Megacab, equipped with the Carli Pintop 3.25 (plus torsion swaybar, progressive leafs, and long travel airbags, and both stabilizers) rides better than most stock 1/2-tons while maintaining the ability to haul and tow massive loads.

We initially installed everything except the torsion swaybar (which was backordered). It rode great even then, but once the swaybar arrived and was installed, the ride is beyond great. Seriously, like a dork - I found myself showing off the ride quality to others by going through rough areas in town, known for hard rides like a drainage dip at a certain intersection that is notorious for cutting front bumpers on low cars, pot holes, fuel deposit hookups at gas stations, large oilfield cattleguards, railroad tracks, and some ranch entry points. It glides like butter - or at least better than any other truck out there with the same specs/load rating.

If you are on the fence about suspension AND the shop to supply the right fitting parts, go with CJC's recommendations. You can thank me later or pass it forward by enjoying what will soon be your favorite thing about your truck. The suspension.

Oh, kudos to the staff at CJC. I'm not sure if it was Cole or Cody (they don't sign their emails), but they are great guys. I did a little digging on their history and admire their ethics and dedication. They are also good to their mom. Learn from them and make the world a better place.

Eugene W Avakian
Best Ride for a 3500

My Ram 3500 Mega cab rides as nice as my sons 1500 now, the progressive springs are a key to the ride and so worth it! I would say they are a must if you want the best ride.