Carli Suspension 2019+ Ram 3500 Add-A-Pack & Billet Block


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Carli add a packs for 2013-2018 Ram 3500 trucks maintain as much factory payload spec as possible (the only real reduction is the removal of the upper overload spring), but improve ride quality by replacing the lower portion of the factory leaf pack with a higher count of thinner springs. In doing so, ride quality over hard impacts or big dips is much less jarring. With the stock leaf packs, a hard impact would engage the overload springs and cause the rear end of the truck to buck.

These add a packs are the best solution for working trucks that still want improved ride. While the ride quality improvement isn't as dramatic as the full replacement Carli leaf springs, it's as good as it gets while keeping close to stock capacity.

The 2019 Ram 3500 brought a few changes to the platform. The rear end of the truck was lowered nearly 2″ compared to 13-18 Rams. From the factory, this gives a 1″-1.5″ rear high stance. To accommodate this change, we’ve added a 1″ in house machined Billet Aluminum block to our progressive add-a-pack (totaling 2″ – 2.5″ of lift) to ensure a level stance when paired to Carli 3.25″ front lift coil springs.

SKU: CS-DPAP3-19-4.25
– Add-A-Pack Replaces lower overload spring
– More predictability and Spring Progression Keeps Tires Planted
– 1″ Block included to match our 3″ Suspension Systems
– 2″-2.5″ Total lift with Add-a-Pack and Block Combination
– Includes U-Bolts and Center Pins
– Fitment: 2019+ Ram 3500 4×4, With 4.25″ Axle Tube
– Will NOT fit 2019+ 3500 with Factory Air-Assist

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Anthony Riveira
Self installed

My box came open at both ends. Not sure if instructions fell out but there was nothing for me to reference when I installed it. Was quite an adventure but we got it done with floor jacks and some muscle.

nate frolic
Carli 2.5 pintop king shocks

Love it! Definitely a well built kit. The king shocks just eat up big bumps. Smooth on and off road

Nathan Ladd
Awesome setup

Installed myself in the driveway. Great ride for a one time truck and do t lose any towing capabilities. Running 37 x12.50’s and rides like a half ton truck