CARLI SUSPENSION LEGACY 2019+ Ram 1500 Commuter System


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Designed and tuned for the truck that spends its life on road with occasional dirt trails, this custom shock project was intensely focused on delivering a comfortable in-town ride and smoothing the freeway’s all while improving vehicle control for light off-road adventures.

This is the legacy system using Fox shocks that has been discontinued and replaced by the Carli SPEC shocks. As a result, the remaining units of this outgoing system have been discounted 25%. This is an AWESOME opportunity to score fantastic ride for less money.  

FOX IFP Pintop shocks feature extruded aluminum bodies for lasting finish and corrosion resistance. Lifting and leveling your truck doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice ride quality for the look you are after; a Commuter system will net you the added height while increasing ride quality and control. Lift height (on a Hemi equipped Ram) is 2″ in the front, 1″ in the rear which will net you 8″ of travel in the front and 12″ in the rear.

With the Commuter system, it’s not necessary but highly recommended to purchase the Upper Control Arm as well. The factory arm is not travel limiting on this system; however, the Carli control arm is camber corrected to flatten the tires to the pavement while the FK Uniball and in-house machined 17-4 stainless pin offer a stronger and friction free alternative to the factory ball joint.

The only difference among the Suspension Systems below is the rear coil spring included with the system. We offer a Standard 1500 Spring, a Rebel Specific Spring, and an HD Spring designed to hold an additional 500lbs of constant load in addition to the Rebel Spring. We go into more depth on this in the description at the bottom of this page!

Base Kit Includes:

Carli Tuned Fox 2.0" IFP Coilover and Shock Package - CS-RAM15C20SPKG-19
Rear Sway Bar End Links - CS-RAM15-EL-R
Rear Coil Springs - CS-RAM15MRC-RBL-19-R

Upper Control Arm (optional)

The Upper Control Arm is a great strength addition to the Commuter System and has built in Camber Correction ensuring proper alignment. This is not required for the travel of this system but most elect to purchase it for the strength and rebuildability!

Boxed Steel Construction with Powder Coat Finish
Knurled, Anodized Aluminum Uniball Cab
Geometry Corrected for Leveled Vehicles
Serviceable Bushings at the Frame
1” FK Uniball at the Knuckle with 17-4 Stainless Steel Uniball Pin
In the rear, we swap in our multi-rate coil spring. This went through several iterations. The 2019+ came with an all new spring that had us back to the drawing board. We wanted a spring that would maximize suspension travel while providing a supple yet predictable ride on and off the pavement. Further, we didn’t want to deviate too far from the factory load capacity. Our rear springs are shot-peened & pre-set for longevity of the coil (it won’t ever sag), then powder coated to ensures the finish quality is as good as the spring’s performance.

The Rear coil provides 1-1.25″ of rear lift and runs 2 rates. The initial, softer rate is blocked out at ride height. This is NOT designed to be some super soft on-road rate – think of this as a “tender spring”. We wanted predictability in ride and handling so the truck will run on the 2nd rate unless the rear axle droops (offroad). Further, when loaded, it ensure sag is not exaggerated by initial collapsing of a softer rate. Take it in the dirt and, once the axle droops, the initial rate opens to keep the coil tight to its mounting perches while the extended travel shocks are pushed to the bottom of their longer stroke.

NOTE: We offer three springs for the 2019+ Ram 1500 Platform. The standard Ram 1500 spring included with the 1500 system is ONLY applicable for non Rebel/Off Road Package trucks without the Ram Box of Multi-Function Tailgate. The Rebel Has it’s own springs included with the Rebel system; these will work for standard 1500s with Ramboxes/MFT OR small constant loads. Lastly, we’re offering an HD Spring that will work for Standard 1500s with Ram Box/MFT or around 700lb constant loads or Rebels with Rambox/MFT or 500lb bed-loads.

As travel was extended in the rear, we spec our extended sway bar end links to maintain the factory sway bar through the extended range.

We recommend an 8.5″ Wide wheel with 4.5″ Backspace be utilized with a 34″ tire for best fitment and minimal trimming. 35″ Tires are doable with trimming. 

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Cory Brown
2023 Ram 1500

Truck rides amazing! Truck looks amazing! Truck performs amazing! Couldn’t be happier with this kit. Plenty of room to run 35x11.5x20s with zero rubbing.