CJC Off Road Dodge 2003-2011 2500/3500 Stainless Steel Brake Line Kit


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The CJC Off Road brake line kit features five (5) layer stainless steel brake hoses, that are Kevlar reinforced and contain a Teflon inner core hose to minimize internal friction and volumetric expansion. They also feature unique one (1) piece construction steel fittings that are extremely durable and reliable. These kits are manufactured to our specifications by Crown Performance Products.

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Edward Stiller
Top Notch Brake Lines

The brake lines themselves are excellent. They are made by Crown to CJC spec and obviously they know what they are doing. Here is the one thing I cant stress enough and that is you aren't getting 5 brake lines to do the whole job. You are only getting the front two and the rear center (which is all you need if you are only looking to do this for a lift). If you are like me and prefer the pedal feel of braided brake lines all around you will need to contact Crown directly and for another 50 bucks you can get the back two outboard lines. Luckily I was ordering enough in advance I have time because the lines from Crown take another 1.5 - 2 weeks to ship. Plan accordingly!

Jonathon Barnes
Not just for off-road.

First, IAM a long time customer of CJC, due to their superior products and service.
Second, I always install stainless braided hoses on my rigs, primarily for the increased pedal firmness and actual stopping power. My trucks are primarily for work, and the function and additional braking force these hoses provide are a must. It's hard to tell in the photos, but the hoses are completely sealed in 1/8", weather tight sleeves. Which is outstanding up here in the north east. I have never had to replace a set of hoses after initial install, so they last.
Highly recommend this product as well as CJC. In my opinion it's not an optional upgrade but a must

Kyle Doolen

Good quality hoses, fit very well. Definitely recommend.