CARLI SUSPENSION Dodge 1994-2012 3" Signature Series Starter Shock Package


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Probably the best bang for the buck on the market, Carli signature series shocks are an internal floating piston shock with a 2" diameter body and custom valving specific to the Ram platform. These shocks are built for Carli by Eibach suspension, and feature ti nitride coated shafts with a lifetime replacement warranty. That's right, if these shocks fail for any reason, Carli will send you a fresh replacement for no cost. 

These are a fantastic, budget friendly way to improve ride on your truck!

– Carli Suspension Signature Series Shocks
– Front and Rear Shocks
– Lifetime Warranty
– 10″ Front Wheel Travel, 12″ Rear
– Carli Custom Tuned IFP, 2.0″ Shocks

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Kevin Vernarr

Great products!

Sits Prouder!

Easy to medium install with basic tools. My 99 3500 crew cab longbed instantly had a taller stance. No more body roll, wobbles, tire hop or blown out shock noises. I couldn’t wait to hit some of the bumps on the 405. All I can say is mission success!

This truck is on the road to recovery!

Drives like a new truck

'06 Dodge 3500 with 192,000 miles.
I had an older set of adjustable Bilstein shocks from the previous owner. They had reached the end of their life after probably 100,000 miles. I decided to go with the Carlis because they have a lifetime warranty and boy am I happy with my purchase. They installed very easy and the truck drives like a brand new truck. I complemented them with the Carli leveling springs on the front end and I couldn't be happier. 10/10 would highly recommend. One note is that if you don't have a lift or a way to block the front end, you can remove the shock towers and install by slowly compressing the shocks. You need to remove the battery trays but when all you have is a driveway you need to do what you need to do.

Todd Tredeau
Great ride with one minor gripe. Still worth every penny!

The Carli Starter shocks are great! What a ride improvement over the Bilstien 5100’s that I had before. My only critique would be that they’re a pain to install in the driveway as they do not come compressed and strapped like most shocks do from the manufacturer. If installing on a vehicle lift, you have the ability to fully droop the suspension which makes install a breeze. Non so much in a driveway where you’re limited by how far you jack raises the vehicle.

Awesome shocks!

Bought these as a temporary replacement for the original on my 2007 dodge until I go with a full pintop kit. Might end up keeping them since they’re such an improvement and they stiffened up the rigmore than expected! Also did track bar, 08.5 steering upgrade, and drag links!