Icon Vehicle Dynamics 2005 - Current Toyota Tacoma/4Runner Lower Control Arm Skid Plate System


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Overview: ICON Vehicle Dynamics' bolt-on skid plate system for 2005 - Current Toyota Tacoma offers the ultimate in lower control arm protection for both on and offroad use. Reduce the risk of lower arm failure during everyday driving, running offroad trails, getting to your favorite hunting or fishing spot, or crawling in mountainous terrain. This skid plate system will allow you to slide over rocks and debris all while helping to protect your lower arms from trip-ending damage. Made from 3/16" laser cut steel, our Tacoma lower arm skid plates offer extreme durability and a precision fit for easy installation. The 05+ Toyota Tacoma ICON bolt on skid plate system also serves as a locator for the lower shock mount for our S2 Modular Performance Shock System. This modular approach allows you to install these skid plates without waste if you decide to upgrade and add the full S2 system down the road. You are able to purchase knowing it is 1 of the 3 components you will need to run the S2 Secondary Shock System, giving you the opportunity to build in stages if you choose. Key Features: • Bolt-on design • Made from 3/16" laser cut steel • Durable black powdercoat finish • Serves as the lower shock mount for our S2 Modular Secondary Shock System • Adds protection from rocks and trail debris during on or offroad use Tech Info: • Must enlarge 4 pre-existing holes for proper installation System Components Included: • Lower arm skid plates (pair) • Hardware • Installation Instructions Options: Add upper shock mounts and secondary shocks to complete S2 Modular Performance Secondary Shock System