Method 311 | Vex | Matte Black - CJC Off Road
Method 311 | Vex | Matte Black - CJC Off Road

Method 311 | Vex | Matte Black


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The Method MR311 Matte Black Vex is a one-piece wheel that features a simulated beadlock ring by way of a strategically placed under-cut on the outer lip of the wheel. Around the lip are removable zinc plated bolts. As with most Method wheels, there is a matte clear coat for protection. Vex also features a bolt on hub cover. Sizes available range from 16" to 18" with applications for most trucks, Jeeps, SUV's and dedicated off road vehicles. 
8-Lug applications will include a push-through hub cover.
  • Solid A356 aluminum with T6 heat treatment construction
  • Sensible 10 windowed design with debossed METHOD logos
  • Street-Loc V.2 lip with undercut simulates true beadlock wheel
  • Replaceable MRW gold zinc lip bolts with optional colors available
  • Bolt-on center cap — push through cap for 8 lug applications
  • Strong 2500 lbs. to 3640 lbs. load ratings
  • Hub centric fitments for common applications