Mopar 2008.5 Dodge HD Steering Upgrade
Mopar 2008.5 Dodge HD Steering Upgrade

Mopar 2008.5 Dodge HD Steering Upgrade


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Tired of sloppy, clunking steering on the front end of your 2003-2008 Dodge 2500/3500 pickup? Mopar has created this solution to upgrade from the lousy "Y" style steering to this improved "T" style steering, effectively updating the steering on your Dodge pickup to the style currently sold on new Dodge HD pickups. The downfall of the Y style steering is that the drag link is a fixed piece that connects to the steering knuckle. As a result, your toe angle changes as the suspension moves through the travel, which causes vague, wandering steering and poor tire wear, especially with long travel suspension. With the T-style steering, toe angle stays constant as the tie rod is one piece connecting the two steering knuckles on the axle together, and the drag link then mounts to that. 


This steering upgrade is known to alleviate slop, alleviate some cases of bump steer, and even fix death wobble in trucks with worn out steering joints. 

If you are moving from the factory 2003-2008 Y style steering(non 08.5+) you must order the updated pitman arm for the correct geometry. Please see the photo in the group above if you need help identifying your steering!