CARLI SUSPENSION 2019+ Ram 1500 Multi-Rate Rear Coil Springs


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These rear 1″ lift springs match perfectly to our 2″ – 2.5″ front systems. They’re shot-peened & pre-set for longevity of the coil (it won’t ever sag), then powder coated to ensures the finish quality is as good as the spring’s performance.

This coil provides 1″ – 1.25″ of rear lift and runs 2 rates. The initial, softer rate is blocked out at ride height. This is NOT designed to be some super soft on-road rate – think of this as a “tender spring”. We wanted predictability in ride and handling so the truck will run on the 2nd rate unless the rear axle droops (offroad). Further, when loaded, it ensure sag is not exaggerated by initial collapsing of a softer rate. Take it in the dirt and, once the axle droops, the initial rate opens to keep the coil tight to its mounting perches while the extended travel shocks are pushed to the bottom of their longer stroke.

The “HD” Coils were designed with the intent that a Rebel WITHOUT the MFT or Rambox could carry 500lbs of constant cargo (Rack and RTT, tools, etc.) thus, it would only make sense that a Rebel with these options (equating to an additional 300+ lbs) would sit better with the extra spring rate.

These springs are designed for 2019+ new body style trucks. They do not fit old body style 2019+ trucks. If your truck is a 2019+ old body style, these are the springs you will need.

Confused on which rear coil option you need? Read this tech article for an explanation.

Customer Reviews

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carlos viramontes
HD coils

Added this HD coils to my ram because I have a heavy toolbox and is the best investment I could’ve done. Now I don’t feel the weight and rides so much better now

Wally Hernandez

The customer service is incredible. The knowledge is outstanding great job.
Oscar was really helpful and very knowledgeable. Thank you.

Guillermo Trigueros, Jr.
HD coils for 2020 ram 1500

So far so good. Small noticeable difference in ride quality but in a positive. Got rid of the rear end sag . I have a RSI smart cap, front runner rack on top of that with two roam cases and a decked storage with tools and a bunch of stuff inside plus a full size spare. That’s on my daily weigh. Once I go camping I add more stuff and weight and I did some heavy arithmetic and believe I have about 650 pounds of rear weight. Super fast shipping and extremely happy.

Kevin Jeffcoat
Awesome addition to my fox suspension system.

I installed fox 2.5 coilovers and needed some extra lift in the back. These springs added 1/2” in the rear. Rams are the best riding truck on the market today already however these springs along with the fox coilovers and shocks greatly improved the ride quality. I ended up calling CJC for support after my installation and their advice was spot on and fixed my issue.

Ron B.
Rebel 2019+ HD Rear Coil Springs.

Thanks Carli and CJC for creating and delivering an awesome product to finish my suspension modifications.
CJC Off-road made it simple to purchase and ship all my suspension parts to Canada without any issues. Thanks…