PMF 1999-2004 F-250/350, Excursion Monster Adjustable Trackbar


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Bullet proof adjustable trackbar built to handle whatever you can throw its way. The bar is constructed of heavy wall (.375) DOM tubing and uses oversized 1" heim joints. Most competitors use a smaller heim which will reduce lifespan and strength of the unit. Unlike most bars on the market, we CNC single point thread the tubing itself instead of welding in tube adapters. This makes for an EXTREMELY strong and consistent thread. This bar will work from stock up to a 4.5" lift. It can also be used on larger lifts when used in conjunction with a drop trackbar bracket.

This works on late 1999-2004 trucks. Early model 1999 trucks require a special trackbar.

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Customer Reviews

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Tim Roach
Better than OEM

What a great product. Easy install and solved my wondering steering problem. I use a three pack of parabolic springs on my F250 and needed an adjustable track bar that would give me the 1/2” I needed to compensate for the slight lift. As of this point I only have 750 miles since it was installed however I am convinced it will take me the next 250,000.

Bryan H.
Solid Tracking from this Bar!!

Had replaced all steering and suspension components on the truck and still had a bad wander. Considered doing the redhead gear box but felt it was suspension related so tried this bar. What a difference! I have no lift but my factory bar was in a bind with the axle pushed to the left a bit. This centered it all up and now it drives great. The biggest difference is it is consistent through turns. Factory bar would leave me with twitchy steering where I never knew har hard to turn in
It would be a different feel everytime, especially with higher winds. Well made product that I will highly recommend.