PML Nissan Rear 12 Bolt  Differential Cover - CJC Off Road
PML Nissan Rear 12 Bolt  Differential Cover - CJC Off Road
PML Nissan Rear 12 Bolt  Differential Cover - CJC Off Road

PML Nissan Rear 12 Bolt Differential Cover


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Volume: 0.75 quarts over 2005 stock

Dimensions: Click here for dimensions.

PML Nissan Differential Cover on a Titan

The PML Nissan differential cover features sand-cast aluminum construction with thick walls and gasket flange for strength and a secure seal and oversized fins and extra capacity for cooling. PML designed the casting to work with the brake line clip and bracket that attach to the differential cover so the install is an easy bolt-on replacement.

This cover fits 2004 and newer Nissan Titan trucks and holds 0.75 quarts over 2005 & newer stock capacity to increase cooling. It is 1 1/4 inches deeper than the stock 2005 & newer cover, 2 inches deeper than the stock 2004 cover. Click here for a PDF file with dimensions.

2004 Titan Owners Need Clip and Bracket

PML Nissan rear end differential cover on a 2004 Titan

2004 Titan owners will need the emergency brake cable bracket (Nissan part number 36522-8S10A) and the brake line clip (Nissan part number 24211-8S10A) from the 2005 Titan. We have these Nissan parts and sell them at Nissan list price to those who need them.

Our thanks to Antonio who sent us pictures of his installation on his 2004 Titan. He painted the as-cast cover primer black for a custom look. Click on image to view larger.

PML Nissan Differential Cover Does Not Fit Frontier

The same differential is found on 2005 & newer Frontiers with V6 and manual transmission and Nismo model with automatic transmission. Some Frontier owners have purchased this cover and with many modifications have installed it on a Frontier. PML does NOT recommend this. PML does not have any experience with the Frontier but we have been told that the upper half of the fins on our cover will contact the spare tire on any down travel and the emergency brake line requires modification. We truly appreciate all the help and feedback from Frontier owners who have measured, sent us pictures, and made modifications.

Temperature Sensor Port

The cover has a 1/8 NPT port already machined for a temperature sensor (a plug is included if a temp sensor is not desired). It is located in the small boss 2/3 of the way down the cover.

Level Check and Fill

The cover also has a level check/fill hole. The cover does not have a drain hole because Nissan provides a drain in the differential housing. A new set of mounting bolts are included and a magnetic plug is provided for the level check/fill hole.

The level check hole is located on the side of the cover for easy access when a sway bar is used. A level check on the front of a cover is difficult to use with some sway bars.

PML Nissan Cover with Helwig Sway Bar

PML Nissan Diff Cover with Helwig Sway Bar

This cover will work with the Hellwig Titan sway bar (part #7669). As of July 2006, Hellwig has revised the design of this sway bar to allow more room for the differential cover. Be sure when ordering from Hellwig or other suppliers that you will be receiving the updated design. Click on image to view a larger image in a separate window to see a picture of this sway bar on a Titan with PML diff cover. For information on Hellwig products, visit their website at

For a larger picture, please click one of the above images. A separate window will open showing a bigger picture. (The larger pictures take a minute to display.)

PML Differential Cover Features:

  • Increased oil capacity for cooler temperatures
  • Sand-cast aluminum with raised fins
  • 3/16-inch thick wall construction to add strength to differential housing
  • 3/8-inch thick gasket flange will not bend when bolts are tightened
  • Machined gasket surface for a secure seal using RTV or factory reusable gasket
  • All hardware provided

Learn more about finishes and construction of PML parts.

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