Thuren 2013+ 3500 KING 2.0 IFP SYSTEM
Thuren 2013+ 3500 KING 2.0 IFP SYSTEM
Thuren 2013+ 3500 KING 2.0 IFP SYSTEM
Thuren 2013+ 3500 KING 2.0 IFP SYSTEM

Thuren 2013+ 3500 KING 2.0 IFP SYSTEM



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Our complete front and rear KING 2.0 IFP system will lift and level the truck properly, while providing a much more controlled ride. Street ride and small bump/choppy ground ride quality is also improved quite a bit over our Overland shocks. This kit is complete and is the first step to getting the KING 2.0's on the truck in a full kit, and cuts no corners.

This kit for the 3500 is basically our front only system, with rear KING 2.0 IFP shocks included. These rear shocks will work great with stock leafs, stock leafs with our cut-overload modification performed, or any aftermarket leaf with up to a 2" lift. Adding these shocks used with the rear OEM leaf springs, especially unloaded or light loaded, is a massive improvement in small bump ride quality.

Our KING 2.0 IFP shocks are designed to be as smooth as possible on rough highways, small to medium square-edge bumps, fast rough roads, and high speed gravel washboard roads.

The KING 2.0 IFP are not the best choice for vehicles with a higher center of gravity like pop-up campers, loaded ladder racks/etc. Reason being is that the soft active nature of these shocks will let the chassis rock side to side more.

If you tow heavy often, and you are looking for shocks to give more control while towing as a priority, these shocks are not the best option. These shocks will provide as smooth of a ride as possible, though with a more active chassis. If you don't tow often and mostly drive un/light loaded, these shocks are a great choice for you.

Be sure to measure YOUR trucks front to rear height bias, as we have seem many different rear height trucks come off the dealers lot.

Kit includes:

Thuren / King 2.0" IFP shock set front and rear.
Thuren front soft-rate coil spring pair.
Thuren Heavy duty Track Bar.

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