Thuren 2013+ 3500 LEAF SPRINGS


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Our 2013+ RAM 3500 leaf springs provide a massive improvement in small bump ride quality, and much more wheel travel off road, while still being able to tow fairly heavy, even without airbags or extra weight handing add-on products.
These leaf springs do NOT fit the 2013 and up OEM factory air-ride trucks.
Provide about 1/2" lift over the stock rear leaf height.
2500lbs loaded in the bed only drops the rear height about 2", but being progressive rate, the leafs are still very soft unloaded.
Heat treated, shot peened, and manufactured from the highest quality materials available.
Thick main leaf can handle heavy towing loads.
Can provide a true 12" of active wheel travel, bolted into the stock shackle.
Can provide a true 14" of active wheel travel, bolted into our(future release) long travel shackle.
Uses OEM style torsional rubber bushings.
Designed to mount using the factory OEM u-bolts.
Moves rear axle back slightly to help 37" tires clear the fender better, under extreme use.
Drastic reduction in axle drive chatter, or wheel hop, in soft terrain/sand/snow.

*Note on leaf spring travel*

Often you will see claims of big travel numbers(18" to 22" travel) with leaf springs. Those numbers are very hard to attain when it comes to TRUE suspension travel. Often you will see these big travel numbers measured when the truck is on a lift, and the weight of the axle assembly is pulling the leaf springs down. We do not measure travel with that technique, as when the vehicle is at speed, and the axle needs to drop into a big hole or the chassis lifts after a bump, gravity does not play a part in this type of suspension action. When the leaf springs individually start to separate, on the chassis lift as the axle drops away from the body, this is where we stop measuring our claimed travel numbers.

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