Thuren 2014+ Ram 2500 Rear Coil Springs


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NOTE: There rear coils must be used with Thuren's rear sway bar links and shocks or components with the below specs. If ordering from this page, you understand these conditions and know what you are doing, and/or already have the required components.

These rear coils have 3 conditions that all MUST be met.

1) Sway bar links must be 14" to 15" in length center to center

2) Rear shocks must be 17.5" or less compressed length

3) Same rear shocks must be 26.5" to 28.5" extended length

Fits 2014+ Ram 2500, and 2014+ Power Wagon rear suspension.

  • 1" lift coils = 3/4"-1" lift on Quad Cab trucks, and 1/2"-3/4" lift on Mega Cabs. Little to no lift on the Power Wagon.
  • 1/2" lowering coils = 1/2"-3/4" lowering on Quad Cab trucks, and 3/4"-1" lowering on Mega Cabs. About 1-1/4" lowering if you were to install on the Power Wagon. Combined with Thuren's 1" or 2" lift front coils, these rear 1/2" lowering coils will let you "reverse level" your truck if you like.
  • These coils provide about 30-40% more down travel than stock, which mandates longer sway bar end links. If the stock end links were used the sway bar would invert as the suspension droops.
  • If you plan to run the truck hard off road, also take a look at Thuren's E-brake cable brackets. They help the E-brake cables to be happy at full droop.
  • If not purchasing our shocks to work with these coils, please verify below specs to make sure your shocks will work. Even aftermarket shocks by application to fit the OEM suspension, or even a mild lift, will usually not work as they are much too short. Shocks for these rear coils must be 17.5" or less compressed, and 26.5"-28.5" length extended, mandatory. Reason being is even our 1/2" lowering coils are a full 3" longer than the OEM rear coils fully extended with no weight on them. Our 1" lift coils are 4.25" longer than the stock coils with no weight.
  • If you tow over 8,000 lbs or load heavy traveling long distance often, have a slide in camper or the like, supplemental weight handling setup like airbags and Daystar cradles are suggested. If loading or towing moderate weight only rarely, or short distances, the rear end will sag a few inches but bags are not really needed.

These coils are much softer than the OEM stiff coils, giving a feel more like a 1/2 ton truck, ride quality wise. They can also provide up to 13-14 inches of suspension travel!

Each 5160 alloy spring is fully CNC computer formed and tested, using the most high-tech manufacturing processes available
in the country. 100% made in the USA.

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Swapped out rear shock n springs with fox, and thuren, made all of the difference. I have the front and rear sway bar removed due to the horrible factory suspension. Now I am really excited to do the front, and buy the new sway bars as well