Thuren Fabrication 2014+ Ram 2500 Rear Track Bar Kit
Thuren Fabrication 2014+ Ram 2500 Rear Track Bar Kit
Thuren Fabrication 2014+ Ram 2500 Rear Track Bar Kit
Thuren Fabrication 2014+ Ram 2500 Rear Track Bar Kit
Thuren Fabrication 2014+ Ram 2500 Rear Track Bar Kit

Thuren Fabrication 2014+ Ram 2500 Rear Track Bar Kit


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2014+ Ram 2500 and Power Wagon trucks use a rear coil suspension design, which from the factory is prone to getting a wag or sway feeling as it cycles. At times, it can be so severe that it will even engage the ABS or traction control. If you've experienced this, the Thuren rear track bar is the solution! 

This track bar flattens the track bar angle to dramatically reduce the lateral movement of the suspension through the wheel travel. Simply put, this is how Ram should have designed their rear track bar from the factory! This track bar also features spherical end joints, which reduce the bushing slop found in the factory track bar for even further improvements in handling. While not a mandatory part needed for your suspension, most people find the upgrade VERY worth the money.

Fitment Info:

-This fits the 2014+ 2500 Ram and the 2014+ Ram Power Wagon.
-Trackbar length is extended 6.5" and lifted off the axle, to improve the geometry.
-Retains full suspension compression travel so no bump drops required.
-Hardened 4140 Chromoly solid bar.
-Uses same ultra high-end greaseable rebuildable joints as Thuren control arms.
-17-4 Hardened stainless center pivots.
-All grade 8 hardware.
-1/4" Steel CNC laser cut and formed heavy duty adapter bracket
-Only one new hole to drill and 2 existing holes to open up slightly on the 2500. 2 new holes to drill on the Power Wagon.
-This product will function well on any brand suspension from 0"-2.5" actual rear lift.

Customer Reviews

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Jeffrey Colvin
Rear Track Bar Ram 2500

This track bar is good quality and comes nicely packaged. I haven’t towed anything heavy yet, but I can feel a difference in stability unloaded. I plan to purchase Thuren’s front track bar and other components in the future.

Jesus Rubio
Helps when towing

I tow a 36’ gooseneck trailer and the rear track bar helped eliminate the rear “wiggle” felt when going over uneven road. Works with Banks read diff cover and Air Lift air bags.


Was a little skeptical about it at first but after talking to guys at CJC and installing I am very happy with it, definitely fixed that weird loose floating feeling I was experiencing in the rear of my Ram. Wish I had purchased it sooner.

Bryan Hulse
CJC shipping was super fast. Trackbar install was a little confusing

In installed on a 2020 Power Wagon and the instructions for the install were a bit confusing. Do yourself a favor and look at the instructions on the Thuren website. The photos are much more clear than in the printed directions.
The second step in the instructions say to put the 'dogbone' on the stock mounting holes. But as per the Power Wagon specific instructions, you can't use the stock mounting holes and the new holes haven't been drilled yet. And on the new version of this track bar bracket, the dogbone piece on the back must be modified to fit over the old bracket. I had to cut a notch about 1/4 inch wide and maybe 1/2 inch deep to clear the old bracket. It would also be nice if the instructions clearly labeled the parts. That dogbone bracket wasn't even included in the instruction photos showing all parts. But frankly, it’s pretty obvious how it goes together once you hand fit it against the old bracket. Just know, you will probably need to get the angle grinder out for some slight mods.
The oscillating sway does appear to be gone from the back. That's good. But the rear seems to have a little more body roll under normal driving. I'll get used to that and the oscillation was downright scary with the bed loaded down. So, the tradeoff is worth it for me.
In the photos below, the pinch seam in red is what was interfering with the dogbone bracket that goes towards the FRONT of the truck. I had to notch the 'u' in that dogbone bracket to fit it over that ridge. The other photo shows the dogbone bracket after being modified to fit into the holes. One of which was the new 9/16 hold I had to drill in the stock bracket (opposite side of the camera).

Better than expected results

Installed the Thuren rear track bar on my 2020 Ram 6.7 with a Carli Commuter 3.0 lift and a rack/tent setup that tows my K5 rock crawler. Drivability was improved amazingly as the stock track bar used to feel like there was a blowout on the rear passenger shock when loaded down. I highly recommend! Immediately noticed a difference and worth the expense. Easy to install other than a little tricky to get to all the hardware to do final torque. A Small notch is needed on the “dog bone” bracket if you run airbags (I have Firestone’s with daystar cradles). Awesome kit!