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The original goal of the Thuren 1994-2013 "Xtra-Soft" front coils coils was to address the HEMI and Power Wagon trucks, but these are PLENTY durable to be used as an extra soft front coil on the Diesel trucks also.

We actually prefer these XS coils on the 1994-2002 Diesel trucks over the true Diesel 2" and 3" coils, as the 2nd gens are quite a bit lighter than the 2003-2013 trucks.

The XS coil free-height is the exact same 22" as our standard Diesel coils, so full flex and ultimate wheel travel is still available, as long as all the appropriate shocks are used.

Only fits 4 Wheel Drive Solid Axle 4 link trucks
Does not fit the 2013 Ram 3500.

Sold in Pairs
Be sure you measure Your Specific Truck to find the lift height you like.
Being very soft, the end lift height will vary quite a bit if weight is added to the front of the vehicle.

1994-1998 Ram 1500/2500/3500 Gas trucks...  3.50" lift.

1994-1998 Ram 2500/3500 Diesel trucks......... 2.50" lift.

1999-2002 Ram 1500/2500/3500 Gas trucks.... 3.25" lift.

1999-2002 Ram 2500/3500 Diesel trucks ........ 2.25" lift

2003-2009 Ram 1500/2500/3500 Gas trucks ... 2.75" lift.*

2003-2009 Ram 2500/3500 Diesel trucks ........ 1.75" lift.*

2005-2009 Ram Power Wagon ....................... 1.00" lift.

2010-2013 Ram 2500/3500 Gas trucks ........... 2.50" lift*

2010-2013 Ram 2500/3500 Diesel trucks ....... 1.50" lift.*

2010-2013 Ram Power Wagon ........................0.75" lift

*All MegaCab trucks subtract .25" from the listed height.

Customer Reviews

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Improved ride

Improved the ride. Very happy on my 99 2500 V10.

Plush ride quality.

These coils provided a fantastic improvement in ride quality and increased ride height on a 2003 dually with 450K. Better than expected!

John Bitzer
Thuren XS Front Coils

I was looking to level the truck and better the ride quality on my 2006 Dodge Ram Cummins. I installed the Thuren XS front coils in combination with the Carli shocks. The truck handles and rides ten times better across the board.

Tyman Brown
Best ride

These XS coils in combination with the Thuren tuned Fox 2.0s are insane. Rides like a new 1500 is not better

Nikolaos Angelopoulos
The best

Very good service I would recommend it to everyone