Timbren 2003-Current Ram 3500 Rear Suspension Enhancement System


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Timbren bump stops are our go to solution for towing on stock or modified Ram 2500 rear suspension. These bump stops blot in place of the factory bump stop in about 5 minutes, and can be removed in the same time for a smooth unloaded ride. Airbags are expensive, complicated and take away from the unloaded ride. Timbrens allow you to install a towing solution when you need it, and easily remove it when you don’t! Timbrens will allow for full factory towing even on a Carli or Thuren equipped truck. 

Suspension Enhancement System;
Weight Capacity 6000 lbs.;
Rear Axle;

Product Features
Eliminate Suspension Sag And Cushion Road Shock
Reduce Sway And Improve Roll Stability
Easy To Install With Basic Hand Tools
Improves Roll Control Trouble And Maintenance Free
Satisfaction Guarantee And Lifetime Warranty
Leader In The Snow Plow Industry Leaders In Rubber Spring Technology Since 1965

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Ordering from CJC is always pleasant. The product is exactly as advertised.

Ram 3500 with full Thuren leafs (near stock height). Installed Timbrens with the 1" spacer (included), which put the Timbren barely touching my rear axle. This is a bit too much unloaded but not terrible. Will try without the spacer soon and see if I can make them work while unloaded. If not, I'll just spend 5 minutes swapping them on when it's time to tow heavy.

The product is exactly what I needed!

Marco Hernandez Marco Hernandez
Definitely what I Needed!

If you're towing heavy and you don't want to run air bags, then this is the product to use. Super easy to install and reduces all the sag!

Anthony S.
High quality product on a budget.

I punched the Timbren bump stops to help aid my 2020 Ram 2500 diesel. I looked at air bag kits prior. I wanted to maintain my ride quality while unloaded, but needed the added stability while towing a 12,000 fifth wheel. Perfect solution for anyone not looking to spend a fortune or wanting to retain their unloaded ride quality. Especially with Ram's 3/4 ton rear coil suspension, these make a difference while towing.