Carli Ford Super Duty 2.0 (2.5" Lift) Back Country Shock Package - CJC Off Road
Carli Ford Super Duty 2.0 (2.5" Lift) Back Country Shock Package - CJC Off Road
Carli Ford Super Duty 2.0 (2.5" Lift) Back Country Shock Package - CJC Off Road

Carli Ford Super Duty 2.0 (2.5" Lift) Back Country Shock Package


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This Carli SPEC 2017+ Ford Super Duty 2.0 reservoir shock package was developed for outstanding on-road ride quality, while providing heightened abilities off-road. Completely custom spec Carli shocks with Carli's own proprietary tuning provide enhanced comfort and control while still delivering an off-road punch. These Shocks are built specifically for Carli using using aluminum bodies and, giving these shocks superior corrosion resistance. They are designed specifically for Carli's level height coils and rear springs, so they will not work on a stock height truck as they cycle far too much wheel travel. 

Without a doubt, these are the highest quality 2.0 reservoir shocks for the 2017+ Ford platform, and even come with different valving profiles for gas and diesel trucks.


-Front Carli SPEC 2.0 Reservoir Shocks
-Rear Carli SPEC 2.0 Reservoir Shocks

Customer Reviews

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Ronnie Sipps
Best shocks on the market

I ordered the Backcountry shocks for my 2021, F250 and what a world of difference they make

Kenneth Donkersgoed
Kenneth D

Solid guys, always a pleasure dealing with people that know everything about the products they sell

Rex Nutter
F250 Back country kit

Well i knew i was going to be surprised with the way the truck does and as expected just blown away with the way the truck handles on and off the road. Been offroading multiple times since installed and couldnt be happier. Just got a couple more parts to purchase and the 2.5 kit will be complete with added additional parts like sway bar, upper lower stabilizers and radius arms. Kinda wish i wouldve went with the 4.5 kit but down the road ill do it. Thanks guys great products.

David Thompson
Superior quality price and support

If you want comfort and controlling power if your a hard worker and your truck is too! Then you need this kit!! Amazing support from the CJC crew. I'm on the fourth kit with three more waiting.

Matt Halsch
Amazing Ride and Handling, Not Great on Warranty

This is the second set of shocks I’ve put on my 18 f250 and the ride quality is amazing. They give me confidence as a driver and the truck stability like a sports car. To be clear I removed my sway bars both front and rear to remove some stiffness and achieve greater flex at the expense of body roll on corners, which I have found isn’t excessive. I tow a gooseneck weekly and use it for a work truck daily and the suspension performs under all conditions. This truck services the western slope of Colorado, and doesn’t have a easy life. The Carli suspension has held up well and the new Carli shocks are on point. I did have one leak within two weeks of install and Carly’s warranty department has been lackadaisical at getting it replaced