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Thuren Fabrication Off-Road Parts and Components

Thuren Fabrication off-road parts deliver brawny, heavy-duty suspension systems and components for a wide range of truck models. If you thirst for performance and power, our Thuren lift kits for trucks will quench that desire. We have a great selection of Thuren Dodge equipment ranging from leveling coils and lift shackles to modular front bumpers and extended control arms. Thuren Fabrication is made right here in the USA and caters to truck enthusiasts who are looking to push their vehicles to the limit. Experience the feeling of hauling massive loads of material, passing over obstacles that other motor vehicles would cower from and bending nature to your truck’s will.

A Dodge Thuren suspension system will be the upgrade you are expecting to bring added performance to your truck. For questions related to Thuren Fabrication and suspension systems, call one of our experts at 844-252-6373.

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