Carli Suspension 2014+ Dodge Ram 2500 Pintop King 2.5 3.25" Lift System - CJC Off Road
Carli Suspension 2014+ Dodge Ram 2500 Pintop King 2.5 3.25" Lift System - CJC Off Road
Carli Suspension 2014+ Dodge Ram 2500 Pintop King 2.5 3.25" Lift System - CJC Off Road
Carli Suspension 2014+ Dodge Ram 2500 Pintop King 2.5 3.25" Lift System

Carli Suspension 2014+ Dodge Ram 2500 Pintop King 2.5 3.25" Lift System


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USA MADE // Carli is committed to production in the USA. Every single Carli Product is American made and sourced, down to the tape and boxes themselves.
CUSTOM TUNED // Unlike your average lift, Carli Suspension uses only custom tuned shocks. Each shock package goes through months of testing, development, tuning, and valving. The 2.5" diameter King shocks in this system are custom tuned to offer incredible high speed performance, crawling control, and comfort on the street. This is the ultimate do it all system.
FABRICATED RADIUS ARMS // Hand fabricated and welded in California with the highest quality joints for improved flex, these arms are a high strength radius arm replacement. They also have more tire clearance than the factory arms thanks to a notched design. If you want the best of the best for your truck, look no further.
SWAY BAR UPGRADE // Eliminates the harshness caused by the stiff factory sway bar, letting your suspension do its job and move independently. This is one of the single biggest improvements you can make to your truck’s ride. To keep the factory ride, use either the drops or end links. The end links are prefered if you plan to upgrade to a torsion sway bar in the future.

The Carli 2.5" Pintop is the premier bolt on 2014+ Ram 2500 suspension system on the market. With no permanent modifications to the truck, this setup transforms ride quality on and off road. Carli's tuned coils double suspension travel and smooth out the ride, while Carli tuned King 2.5" diameter shocks keep everything under control. Completely different from an off the shelf King shock, Carli spent months developing and tuning this system to balance commuting with everything from rock crawling to high speed whoops. 

The system is backed up by all the supporting parts normally left out by cheaper 
"lift kits" including a Carli track bar, radius arm drops, rear sway bar end links a rear track bar drop and more. You can also upgrade things further with the addition of a steering stabilizer, sway bar, and fabricated radius arms.

This system fits Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 trucks from 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 with factory rear coil springs. 

This system will fit 35s with no trimming on a 0 to +27 offset wheel that is no wider than 9." To fit 37s on a Ram truck we recommend a +18 to +27 offset wheel that is no wider than 9,” as well as some mild trimming of the plastic fender liner and maybe pinch weld depending on the tire.


-Carli 2014+ Ram 2500 Pintop 2.5 Shock Package
-Carli Front Linear Rate 2014+ Ram 2500 Coil Springs
-Carli Rear Multi Rate 2014+ Ram 2500 Coil Springs
-Carli 2014+ Ram 2500 Adjustable Track Bar
-Carli 2014+ Ram 2500 Rear Track Bar Drop Bracket
-Carli 2014+ Ram 2500 Radius Arm Drop Brackets
-Carli Front Bump Stop Drops
-Carli 2014+ Ram 2500 Rear Sway Bar End Links


-Carli Front Billet Sway Bar Drop Brackets
-Carli 2014+ Ram 2500 Torsion Sway Bar
-Carli Ram Fabricated Radius Arms


-3" Front Lift
-1" Rear Lift
-Level Ride Height
-Unparalleled ride quality
-Incredible off road performance
-All inclusive system - no suspension upgrades required
-Most geometrically sound system on the market
-Linear travel
-Coils have proper forces applied due to radius arm drop brackets
-Rear coil suspension "wag" is minimized


Model Part Number

2014-23 DODGE RAM 2500 4x4 Diesel CS-DPT25-1419-D
2014-23 DODGE RAM 2500 4x4 Hemi CS-DPT25-1419-H

Installation Instructions


Front Lift Rear Lift Front Travel Rear Travel Shock Diameter Tire Fitment
3.25″ 1″ 9.3″ 11″ 2.5″ 35" / 37"

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Justin Stephenson
Great Customer Service and High Quality Products

Customer Service has been great every step of the way and my truck turned out perfect. Great ride, and a great look. CJC and Carli gained a customer for life.

2021 Ram 2500 Pintop

Absolutely transformed the ride. The R2 springs are much better than stock with little to no sage loaded heavy. I keep 400-500lb in the bed also. High speed washboard roads are now enjoyable. I installed the sway bar several months after the pintop system and yes it does make an additional improvement that is immediately noticeable. Worth the money and the CS way as expected, superb!

Marisol Guzman

Great customer service and shipping is fast!

Hector B
Cool Blue Ram

Truck looks bad **** and rides great. Rolls over washboard roads, bumps, and dips with ease. Huge difference from stock. Truck sits a bit higher with 37's, but I'm really happy with CJC service, the set up, and suspension performance.

Dennis Nash
Impeccable Service

As always, impeccable service.