Carli Suspension 2.5" 2014-2023 Ram 2500 Diesel Leveling Kit - CJC Off Road
Carli Suspension 2.5" 2014-2023 Ram 2500 Diesel Leveling Kit - CJC Off Road
Carli Suspension 2.5" 2014-2023 Ram 2500 Diesel Leveling Kit - CJC Off Road
Carli Suspension 2.5" 2014-2023 Ram 2500 Diesel Leveling Kit - CJC Off Road
Carli Suspension 2.5" 2014-2023 Ram 2500 Diesel Leveling Kit - CJC Off Road
Carli Suspension 2.5" 2014-2023 Ram 2500 Diesel Leveling Kit - CJC Off Road
Carli Suspension 2.5" 2014-2023 Ram 2500 Diesel Leveling Kit - CJC Off Road

Carli Suspension 2.5" 2014-2023 Ram 2500 Diesel Leveling Kit


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USA MADE // Carli is committed to production in the USA. Every single Carli Product is American made and sourced, down to the tape and boxes themselves.
CUSTOM TUNED // Unlike your average lift, Carli Suspension uses only custom tuned shocks. Each shock package goes through months of testing, development, tuning, and valving. This leveling kit has shock tuning that you can't find in any other level at this price point, and the difference in ride quality is immediately noticeable.
TRACK BAR UPGRADE // For leveling kits, we highly recommend the addition of a Carli Suspension track bar to correct factory geometry, and upgrade the weak factory track bar bushings. While other brands use a polymer bushing, Carli uses an FK heim axle joint, and is the only brand to use an encapsulated 7/8″ Uniball joint on the frame side making this the nicest Dodge Ram track bar on the market.
SWAY BAR UPGRADE // Eliminates the harshness caused by the stiff factory sway bar, letting your suspension do its job and move independently. This is one of the single biggest improvements you can make to your truck’s ride. It can be added at any time.
Carli Suspension went back to the drawing board to make the best leveling kit on the market. While there's plenty of other coil and shock levels, the attention to detail and custom tuning set this one apart from the pack. Carli developed their own completely one off shock package for this system, with custom pistons, lengths, and tuning specifically designed around their front coils, and the factory rear coils on the 2014+ Ram platform. After weeks of tuning and 40+ revisions, the result is the smoothest riding leveling kit on the market for these trucks. While this system used to be offered with Carli's custom Fox shocks, the new in house shock package offers better ride, improved internal oil flow, and an easier to rebuild/service shock design. These shocks are the next step in the evolution and we're excited to offer them! 

Carli also uses a tuned linear rate front coil that dramatically improves ride, doubles front suspension travel, and levels the truck by increasing front height 2.5" over factory. The front axle will be slightly pulled to the driver’s side following installation of this level, which can be corrected with Carli's track bar. We recommend adding this from both a geometry correction and handling perspective. 

THIS IS A DIESEL ONLY SYSTEM, if you have a gas truck please email us so we can get you set up with something that fits. If your truck has factory air ride rear, Carli has specific systems designed for your truck that can be found here.


The Carli track bar allows you to correct the front end geometry after the height increase, but more importantly the Carli track bar is significantly more durable than the stock unit to allow for a longer lifespan and more direct steering feel. Simply put, Ram's factory track bar is the weakest point on the front end of these trucks and leads to wander / death wobble. The Carli track bar is the highest quality replacement option on the market. If there's one upgrade to make, this is it. 

The torsion sway bar is a great upgrade as it allows for easier articulation and smoother ride with single sided bumps. Instead of the stiff, stock sway bar throwing you out of your seat over ruts or in/out of driveways, a torsion sway bar will glide right over those features and allow the suspension to soak things up without transferring that energy to the cab. If you want to maintain the stock sway bar, select no sway bar. Please note this is only compatible with a Synergy box brace, or no box brace. 

Carli Steering Stabilizers aren't necessary with stock size tires, but if you're running 35s or 37s, it's a great way to reduce steering feedback from the road as larger tires quickly overwhelm the stock steering stabilizer. Choose the high mount for aggressive mid terrain tires, the low mount for everything else, and the dual opposing setup for the best possible handling and least steering feedback. If you want more info on stabilizers, give this video a watch. Please note that high mount stabilizer options ONLY work with factory linkage. They are not compatible with Synergy steering.

Carli Radius Arms and Drops are not a mandatory upgrade. Carli radius arms offer additional strength, improved ride/articulation, and better tire clearance that factory. The drops flatten arm angle, and reduce any possible coil bow, but we usually save the drops for the 3.25" Carli coil systems. 

This system fits Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 trucks from 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 with factory rear coil springs. We offer these systems for Ram 2500s with factory rear air suspension.
Wheel/Tire Recommendations: 

We recommend a 35” tire on a 18” wheel that’s no more than 9” wide with 0 to +27 offset for zero trimming with this level kit. To fit 37s on a Ram truck, we recommend a +12 to +27 offset wheel that is no wider than 9,” as well as some mild trimming of the plastic fender liner and maybe pinch weld depending on the tire. 

If you run larger than stock tires, please note that you need to adjust tire pressure accordingly. This video covers that process in detail, and is key to achieving proper ride quality and tire wear. The addition of a Carli Low-Mount Steering Stabilizer is recommended for any tire over factory size.


-Front Carli-SPEC 2.0 IFP Carli Tuned Shocks
-Rear Carli-SPEC 2.0 IFP Carli Tuned Shocks
-Front Linear Rate Coils


-2.5" Front Lift
-Stock Rear Height/Towing Capacity
-Level Ride Height
-Designed for Diesel Applications Only



Front Lift Rear Lift Front Travel Rear Travel Shock Diameter Tire Fitment
2.5″ 0″ 9″ 9″ 2.0″ 35″ / 37"


    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 43 reviews
    Jackson Berg

    Carli Suspension 2.5" 2014-2023 Ram 2500 Diesel Leveling Kit

    High quality kit

    Instructions were straight forward. All the videos CJC puts on YouTube are very helpful also

    Corey Skarda
    Great leveling kit and great service.

    Watched the videos and got it done. Love the ride and the look.

    Joseph Janis
    Fantastic, great purchase

    This kit was recommended to me by CJC with a torsion sway bar and it has really upgraded my 2016 Ram 2500 Cummins. I had a basic leveling kit on it, which was terrible, with upgraded Bilstein 5100s, Synergy drag link and Rough Country steering stabilizer.

    This product and the carli torsion sway bar are the single biggest upgrade for my truck. Hands down much smoother driving now, daily. No longer feels like a farm truck.

    Zachary Trefethen

    Carli Suspension 2.5" 2014-2023 Ram 2500 Diesel Leveling Kit

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