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Thuren Fabrication off-road parts is based out of Bend, Oregon and produces heavy duty suspension for Dodge Ram, Chevy, GMC, and Toyota trucks. The founder, Don Thuren, uses his years of experience to develop industry leading suspension designs. 

Made entirely in the USA, Thuren Fabrication suspension products are far more durable than factory OEM parts, and provide exceptional improvements to ride quality on and off-road. Thuren Fabrication suspension is more than a lift kit. These systems dramatically increase vehicle capability. Whether it’s a daily driver, tow rig, or off road toy, Thuren Fabrication offers a product to improve the driving experience of your truck. 

We have a full selection of Thuren Dodge equipment ranging from leveling coils and lift shackles to modular front bumpers and track bars. Thuren Fabrication is made right here in the USA and caters to truck enthusiasts who are looking to push their vehicles to the limit.

For questions related to Thuren Fabrication and suspension systems, call one of our experts at 844-252-6373.

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